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March 19, 2009

So my appointment with my GYN went well yesterday.  My baselines were drawn and our plan was made for this cycle.

I got my  clomid- and would you believe that I got it from the post pharmacy?! When I first saw the Doc she wasn’t sure I would be able to get it and said that if it wasn’t provided she had a good list pharmacies I could go to near my home.  I’m glad though that it wasn’t an issue.

So yesterday was CD4- making it perfect to begin Clomid for days 5-9.  I will be starting out at 100mg a night.  This certainly should prove to be interesting and I will be logging in here with any interesting side effects.

Yesterday, the battalion had a re-enlistment ceremony.  I was done with my appointments yesterday (in acu it took 10 needles to get all the knots and stuff out- all along my shoulders and spine. I usually only need 2. It hurt like Hades itself had decided to make a visit but today I’m feelin good) around 1:45 and the Hubbs had to be at a meeting at 2.  The Commander didn’t even show up until 2 hours and 15 mins after that- ARGH.  Anyway, the Hubbs said that hinted that some of the companies are going to be doing field programs next week.

ARGHH ARGHH I only hope that Alpha doesn’t go out because then my Clomid will be pointless.  I will still be taking it though because there is also the chance that he won’t go out and should something actually work in our favor then I want to take full advantage.  My next acu appointment is also scheduled so he can try to “help” things along in an unofficial kind of way (I see him every two weeks anyway and he’s so great that he offered- YAY).

The Banning

As far as my banning goes- it has been somewhat amusing that there are so many speculations running around the internet.  I recieved an email yesterday (sidenote: an email that I should have gotten before or at the actual  banning not days afterward) and I think that if I had just asked I would have been allowed back on the site.  Thing is… I didn’t ask.  Why?  Well, I do love Ravelry outside of the fora.  The database and features available are really very helpful.  I have groups that I belong (which have nothing to do with political ideology) where I have met great women. I will miss their interaction (especially my lace group because it was so cool to see how we could each take the same pattern and make it so unique).  However, I do not want to be apart of a site where I am not wanted.   I do not want to be apart of a site where the site administrators allow one vocal minority cause issues for a group that had over 600 members.   I asked “legal” (a bunch of hogwash in my opinion- but ALAS! I digress) for this so-called evidence they supposedly have against me.  I requested that when they provided this information to then remove anything associated with my username be removed from the site.  If they don’t want me then I don’t want my hard work somewhere I cannot control it.  Would you believe (rhetorical question) that last night- at 2:00 AM I get an email from “legal” that all information connected to me had been deleted from the website.  They provided no proof of the action to me.  They also did not provide me with their reasons/evidence.  Convienent that they would delete all of my stuff without first informing me of the actions that I supposedly (read: didn’t) did to disrupt their operations, huh?

Yep, methinks there was no “evidence” at all- and what better way to hide the fact than to delete everything?  This will be the last time I mention this issue on this blog. I want to thank all of the women who sent their support and understanding not only on this blog, but as well as on Fiber Haven and in personal emails.  I know that the majority of the people on Ravelry are great, normal women who love their fiber.

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