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The Barbershop

August 30, 2007

So I was sittin here trying to think of something non-TTC related to type about (which is pretty difficult when you’re in this world).  But I was just remembering when my Grandma and I took Hubby to get his bi-monthy haircut at the post barber-shop (which for ladies can be referred to as the “eye-candy” shop).

Let me say that at Ft. Bliss there are pretty much all branches of service: Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, even seen some Navy guys walkin around.  There is also the German Air Command that have their own section of the post. 

Now, the Army has switched the uniform from BDU’s (Green Camo’s, Battle Dress Uniforms) and DCU’s (Desert Combat Uniforms) to ACU’s (Army Combat Uniforms) and I can’t stand them!!!  They make the guys look like they are walkin around in Pajama’s, and its not like they are fitted.  So now, back to the barber-shop. This is the place they all come together to get their hair with-in regulation. This is where comparing uniforms is easiest (not too hard on the eyes either–if I am being completely honest).

Ok…first though, let me say that I love my hubby and respect the branch of service he has chosen.  A lady has eyes though….

Now, let me also say that the best uniform out there is the Marine Dress Uniform!  Those blue pants with the red stripe, the fitted jacket and the cover (hat)….whew!  A trim man in one of those would make any woman faint!  No lie Ladies!!!

But even the Marine Corps digital camo’s (desert mostly but basic green as well) look good!  With those rolled sleeves (even the Air Force in BDU’s or DCU’s and rolled sleeves is HOT) showing off well toned arm muscles and the fitted blouse show off a well toned waist line!!  WHEW…someone get me a fan.

 Now I think that Army uniforms are SOMETIMES better than Navy uniforms–say in the dress catagory.  Class A greens are so much better than Navy Whites with that god aweful collar! BLEH.

The ACU’s are loose fitting and all those god-forsaken velcro patches for their unit’s, rank, and tags.  Can’t roll the sleeves (too bad cause Hubby would TOTALLY get jumped everytime I saw that) and they look like they are wearing freakin pajamas.  These don’t need ironing so you know they don’t look as sharp–seeing that most guys I’ve seen wearin them appear to throw them in a corner and then take them out and put them on.  Gross!  I would rather iron and starch than see that!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll add pictures at some point so that you all can see what I am talkin about, Even though I am sure most of you know what the uniforms look like.

Im off to go try and do something constructive with my day.

TTFN Readers

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  1. ilissa permalink
    August 30, 2007 1:46 pm

    oh, pretty please post pictures for this civilian gal. i know nothing EXCEPT that i do love a trim man in a well-fitting uniform. MHMMMM….

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