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Happy Birthday, Bro

October 9, 2010



Happy 27th Birthday, Brother!


Today would have been Germy’s birthday and I am conflicted about what the importance of a birthday is when someone has passed away.  It isn’t really something I can put into words…at least not yet.  What I have been thinking over lately that Germy was so talented that maybe he was only supposed to be here for 26 years.  If it was supposed to happen though- that is a pretty rough way to make the transition. When I say Germy was completely talented I really mean that he was.  He was playing first chair violin and could rock out with his band.  Music was his hobby though- food was his love (which kind of surprised everyone when he said he wasn’t going to school for music).  He, at 25, became the executive chef at a small, atmospheric place in Missouri.  Oh man and he could bake! Pastry chef was his goal in culinary school- and he did make it- then got something better.  I wrote before that I am having some issues – a kind of stunted grieving.  This knowing that he isn’t in the world being happy scares me- so I tuck it away for awhile.



I miss you Germy and I love you always

❤ “The Short One

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