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May 20, 2010

I never really felt a need to utilize this mental method until now. I don’t physically have the time to write all that I feel like writing. I’ll just have some words- phrases that one should keep in mind have happened in just the last two weeks.

The last two…the things before that are crazy too but its not whats fragmented in my mind. I didn’t have to put things away in my head just so I can function though a day. The last two weeks have been hard (mildly speaking) for my siblings, myself, my parents. I won’t be grouping the words/phrases into which part of the family it pertains to – but be assured that I am going to have to pull out at least each of them to just be able- for a moment- try to at least sort out the details in my mind.

eviction. fiances. its a boy. infidelity. gut wrenching illness. pain. pain management. transfer. arrest. theft. nonsensical. commercial real estate. wills. adoption. nieces. nephews. death. infertility. loneliness. deployment. FRG. betrayal by “friends”. omission. school. guitar. unpacking. job-hunting failure. faithfulness.

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