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May 14, 2010

I find it interesting that I still write here..or rather that I am. This being the most public of each of them but the least known to my family or my friends. I don’t think any of them have read here in the past and if they don’t ask I just don’t tell.

Its. Interesting.

Anyway, I hate my doctors here and want to scream and cry. Well I’ve done that already but who’s to say that I won’t do it again. For example my new PCM (Primary Care Manager): it took me almost six weeks to get an appointment, then I saw her and she basically told me she wasn’t really going to do anything but change my beta blocker (personally I don’t think its working as well as my little old pill used to). She referred me to a pain clinic. She told me she wanted to see me in a month. I went to the appointment desk to do that very thing and the lady says they can’t book that far ahead and they would be calling me when the window opened.

I waited for my letter to come in the mail and when it did I called the number- which was disconnected. I looked for an alternate number. There was none.

I drove to the address and its an empty building.

I call the referral line and get another referral and while doing that I asked why they can’t keep their provider list current.

They give me a new person in Richmond Hill. They tell me they will fax my new letter and I can call and set up my first appointment. It took me two days for someone to actually answer the phone and then the woman on the line told me that they didn’t have the letter yet and when they get it she will call.

So I waited a week… and called to see what was going on. The woman snaps attitude at me and tells me that she will call me with an appointment. I asked her if they received the referral and she says “yeah.” That’s it. Just “yeah”. I asked why I couldn’t make an appointment since I am already on the phone with her. She raised her voice at me and was all like “I TOLD you I would call you to set up an appointment”. I hung up the phone. Called the referral office and told them I didn’t want to go to that clinic. I’ll not accept that kind of behavior. They obviously don’t want me as a patient and if I see that woman face-to-face I might not be so nice.

Only one other listing on the provider and its on the other side of Savannah. I called the number to see if they were accepting any new patients and the answer was yes. The woman was completely courteous and helpful. I call the referral line and once again get my letter changed. The woman calls back to get some information and when she asks me the reason why I would be attending the clinic and when I said “Fibromyalgia and CFS” she said, “Oh.”

That’s it. Just “oh”.

She goes on to say that the doctor doesn’t usually treat Fibromyalgia patients and doesn’t know if he will accept me. He may because I am a Tri-Care patient. That’s code for “we’ll take the initial appointment– even though we know we aren’t going to do anything for her– so we can get the money”.

The skilled doctors who practice integrative therapy are few and none of them are taking new patients without referrals. Even though I am willing to pay out of pocket- it doesn’t matter.

I usually try not to say too much about FMS since I gripe enough about the infertile part, but I am in so much pain. Literally. My last treatment was 05 February. I usually had two appointments in a month. Its now been about three and a half months and I am not doing well at all. These people don’t seem to care though.

Remember when I wrote that my PCM told me to come back in a month? And how the appointment desk told me they would call me? Well, a month has passed so I call to find out why I don’t have an appointment and the guy says no one put in for one. I asked him when the next available appointment is and he says 13 June.

I ask if there is nothing sooner because this is a follow-up appointment and he tells me no. Did you, reader, notice when that date is? A month from now. After they told me at the desk that they can’t schedule that far out.

At least my guitar lessons are going well. Yesterday was fun in a completely non-productive way and I learned three things. The guitar pick is my nemesis. They go missing apparently straight out of the neck of my guitar (who is named Cealy by the way). I much prefer just using my fingers but then I tend to strum. Because of this preference I can hold the pick as long as I am not playing but want to stick it in my mouth as soon as I begin. Which is the second thing I learned: make sure I bring gum so that the mouth is “occupied”. The last thing I learned is that I focus alot better when I have a hat one.

Don’t ask me how that works cause I don’t know. Its like it keeps my brain together. The same thing happens when I clean the house. I have to have my head covered or I’ll just go from one thing to the next- leaving everything unfinished.

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