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Moving Days

February 8, 2010

So I was going to title this “day one” but it wouldn’t be technically correct.  Right now we are at the Inn and the dogs are getting used to having people moving around- the adjustment a bit loud though.

Anyway, we checked in yesterday because today is going to be busy- but not really.  The Merry Maids are going to be cleaning the house this morning. I should be gettin ready to head back to the house here in a minute- so this may be a post that takes me all day to finish.  I am hungry but the main building is all the way over on the other side of the complex and I don’t feel like walkin down there.  I will grab myself a cup (probably not as I don’t have a debit card at this point and I don’t want to write a check for a cup of coffee).

We have had a semi-good time of it so far.  If the Man will quit pouting like a four year old whenever I tell him I need help things would be more than semi-good.   Our packers were really nice and efficient.  If I didn’t literally tell them not to touch something they literally took everything else.  Things I had sorted into boxes already they unpacked and then repacked themselves.  Serial numbers noted on both the box and packing list.

Our movers were fast!  They started at exactly 8- when I did the walk through.  They were done by noon-even with a breakfast break (the Man brought home some breakfast).  They were hilarious as well.  The driver of the truck- Terry- cracked me up the whole time they were workin.  He’s from South Caroline so if you visualize a tall man of dark color from S.C. then I am pretty sure most would be right on the mark.  He is picking up another load next week so he can drive a full-load and gave us his number in case we are fortunate enough to get into a house right away.  We can call and he’ll do drop off  at the door as well.  If not then it has to go into storage, which of course means another moving crew.

Tomorrow we have the house inspection (which I am going to have to write more about later- involving mulch, the front yard, and shenanigans).  We turn over the key and hopefully get back some of our security deposit, because even just patching the holes that were already present in the house and giving it a good clean AND getting the carpets shampooed put the house in better shape than we got it.

Anyway from there we have to stop by the library (to return books), get the trailer for the Neon (I may or may not remember to relay that particular story in a future place), turn in the cable stuff (because today I need the interweb at the house to work on school work.

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  1. February 14, 2010 12:51 pm

    Hope you are getting settled in!

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