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Making A Decision

January 21, 2010

I have given myself 30 minutes to post because there is a heck ofa lot of work to do around this house before tomorrow.

See what turned into just my Mama and Big Daddy driving down our car so that it can be here for transportation to pick up and ship to Georgia has turned into literally everyone except my older brother coming down.  So though I am glad of the full house-

(and it sure will be: us in our room with our three dogs since their room is going to be holding my younger brother, his wife, our niece and their 6 week old puppy; the “office”/library has been cleared so that my almost 8 month pregnant sister and her husband can sleep in there; my parent in the guest room- which I really need to make as spotless as possible for my Dad’s health; my youngest bro will have the honor of sleeping on the pullout in the living room- and if his girlfriend comes…well they will have to figure out who gets the couch.

So recount: 9 (possibly 10) adults, a one year old, Two 75+ lb dogs,  one chihuahua/pug mix, one 65lb dog (my parent’s boxer), possibly a meanie head chihuahua (my sister’s dog), a 6wk old puppy (my brother’s dog) and if my youngest brother’s girlfriend doesn’t come then she will be taking care of their puppy…but if she does come then so will their puppy.) — it means a whole lot of work for me

Anyway, I have kind of come to a decision on what role this blog is going to play.

Until I can get a new journal I will probably end up using this as I always have…

After that- well mayhap not so much.

See I know if I can get across where I am at any more than I already have.  There isn’t much (generally, and certainly not including this move coming up in two weeks..closer to a week and a half) that is going on in my life outside of the mundane.

Would you like to know how or why I am making this decision?

I found out today that I am going to be lapped– for the third time– by a woman who was in my very first support group for trying after a year.

Her third child.

And I can’t handle it.

I could go on about the feeling but really that word-well is dry.  I am using all my focus to deal with my sister’s pregnancy.  I am in dread of my sister in law saying they are expecting again-  she hasn’t said anything remotely concerning pregnancy but over the last couple of weeks… I am gettin that apprehensive feelin- I’m getting the vibe.

Well, my thirty minutes are up- so long for now

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