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I Miss You

December 15, 2009

Kind of a weird title for a post right?

I am in Infertility Limbo and I don’t really want to be active on the boards I am usually active on, BUT I miss the boards.  I miss talking with everyone but I don’t want to talk about all my issues. I think that it isn’t so much that I am over it but more like after five years I sound like a broken record.

It is the same cycle over and over again- and I don’t mean only my menstruation cycle.

I still haven’t heard anything from Wilford Hall about when they want me to come for orientation.  I don’t expect that I’ll get a doctor’s appointment until after May- if I get it even in the month of May someone may have to snap me out of the shock.

I am kind of in a jam as well.  I obviously need to find work when we get to Georgia but how much do I disclose about my infertility issues? Do I at all?  I mean, I already have the other issues, but I am not expecting that to be too much of a problem if I manage things the right way.  I am expecting the adjustment to be a bit difficult but hopefully it won’t be long.

Outside the infertility I am going to be trying something new as far as my meds. My doctor called me today and said that she and the cardiologist (outside referral)  spoke and he thinks that whatever my initial issue was cardiac wise wasn’t major but that one of my meds seem to be aggravating things.   So now the Man has to monitor my blood pressure and heart rate twice a day because my blood pressure might drop too low as well as my heart rate.  Hopefully we will be able to get me one of those wrist heart rate monitors- they are kind of pricey- and a portable cuff.

Dang I feel like I’m going to be a walking medical experiment even though I know that no one is going to know about any of it (well no one with the exception of those of you who read this).

Well I  know this is short (some may sigh with relief LOL) but I am nursin a headache so until my next post- Adios!

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