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Is It Real….(need opinions)

December 9, 2009

or is it a scam?

This is the question running through my head right at the moment.  If you remember in my previous post I said that I would need to get a job so I have been looking online.  Found one that was perfect: Admin Assistant, part time, looking  at the end of January as a start date…

except the Hubbs tells me yesterday that they pushed back his report date so we won’t be leaving until mid-February so I had to call and that is later than what they need so they let me go.

Awe Frostbite! (Ok saw Disney/Pixar’s prep and landing and I can say that is the best new Christmas movie out there)

So of course that messes with my plans for the truck payment, we need that extra paycheck to make it all work in February.  Now we are sticking moving with everything and it really is stressin me out a little.  I get online and start looking through the Yahoo Job Search (which is where I found the first job) and came across one of those ads that were the work from home as a data processor- which is something I could totally do for a few months and even when I get another job.  The only thing is I don’t know if its for real or if it is a scam.  What makes me hesitant is that there is a $35 fee…

I mean I don’t pay someone to hire me offline so why would I do it online?

So if any of you know anything about this or have actual experience I would be tremendously grateful.

Here’s the Link:  Data Entry Jobs

On to the medical news with me:  seems as though my primary care physician, Dr.D, has decided that they are going to try and switch me from the nortriptyline to something else to help with my heart rate issues since it doesn’t seem as though the cardiology department at the hospital is going to be much help.  The last time the cardiologist, Dr. A (not from the hospital but an outside referral), took me off I had a rough week- to say the very least.  I am hoping that this time they replace it with something else rather than just taking me completely off.  I am waiting on a return call to find out the details.

Fertility wise I am in limbo.  I don’t know really quite where I am at.  We are waiting.


I can tell you all that my cycles are right back to being wonky.  Last cycle was 35 days and I have no idea if I ovulated because there was no change in my cervical fluids (I know I should have been temping but I forgot to pack it before we left for the holidays).  I didn’t feel any of what I usually feel when I O so it really is just another throw away cycle. I don’t know how the whole San Antonio thing is gonna work when I get a job.  I mean I’d start mid-February if I can do interview over the phone and get things squared away from here- but that is still three months to May- which is the earliest they’ll see me at Wilford (the hospital there).  I am afraid I’ll still be in my probation period and really don’t want to be asking for time off so soon after being hired (I already need a couple of days for my best friends wedding- which isn’t too bad since the driving distance isn’t anything to spit at).

Is it bad that I am seriously resenting this truck?  Because I am.

I won’t even be able to make it for the birth of my first nephew now and it makes me angry.  I wish I could be like my Hubbs at times like this: going with the flow.

So many things write about, so little time…

I have English homework to get done… next week is the last week before the break! WOO HOO

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  1. December 14, 2009 4:52 am

    Well . . . if you have to pay a fee to get a job, then it’s a scam. You should never, ever have to pay to get a job.

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