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It’s Back to Work

December 5, 2009

I thought that this particular title would be most appropriate for just about everything I am gonna be writing about today.  Many things have happened since my last post and really has been overwhelming.

Since my last post things continued to get interesting. Sunday it was discovered that my car of 10 years was on the way to give up the ghost- if ya know what I mean.  We couldn’t wait around though because the Hubbs needed to be back to sign in by midnight Sunday.  So we tried to rent a car but couldn’t because a credit hadn’t been applied yet.  Sunday night the Hubbs had to call in to let them know that he was not AWOL (absent without leave- for those of you who don’t know) and to see how much time they would give  him to get home: they said Tuesday he would have to report for work.  We decided that since most of the repair work we have been doing on the car wasn’t because of any outside issue other than age so we looked up the Kelley Blue Book and decided that it was time for a new mode of transportation.

But things can never be easy for us.

We went first to Chevy dealership because we like the Equinox.  Of course we didn’t have a down payment (as we weren’t looking to buy a new car for another couple of years) so we were planning on using the car as a trade-in.  They take it back to appraise and come back with a number: $200-  about 1100 less than the Kelley Blue Book value.  It was ridiculous!  I mean the tires are less than 6 months old and we have in the last year put around 2500 in replacement parts for the engine.  I mean just to get her road ready for the trip we dropped 200 with replacing the battery, belts and of course topped the fluids.  No way I was taking that deal so we decided that we’d just leave the car at my parents house and send a check to get it repaired.  This way the Hubbs could have a car for work and I wouldn’t be stuck at home. Then of course they wouldn’t finance because of the Hubbs credit score and when we tried to get my grandma to co-sign they said no because it would be long distance (even though they could overnight it to her and she’d send it right back).  So obviously we weren’t meant to get it from that place.

I would like to say that I was surprised by this but then I’d be lying- which would be pointless to do since this is my own blog.

I’d like to insert here that the Lord works in mysterious ways.  While we (my Dad, the Hubbs and myself) were at the dealership my younger brother’s recruiter showed up at the house.  My mom of course thought that he came to speak with T and was all like “T is at work so…” and then she saw that he had my bag in her hands!  His office is on the complete opposite side of town from the restaurant where it was stolen and the only thing missing was my wallet (that would be wishful thinking to hope it would still be there) and my English grammar exercise book (which was laying on top of my wallet so I think it got tossed just because it was in the way).  So we now have two sets of car keys (at 168 a pop those suckers are expensive) and I have my favorite bag back.  The recruiter said that when he went into work Monday morning it was just sitting there.  Lord knows how long it was sitting there.  He found the address to my parent’s house in my “brain” (a little notebook where I jot down things I need to remember) and recognized it right away.  So we didn’t have to call the locksmith to replace the locks to the house or go to the post office to have them change the lock on our box- both things I am grateful for.

Anyway, back to the story.

So after the call that we weren’t approved we were on our way back to Chevy to get my Grandmother’s information from them and passed the Dodge dealership and they were having a sale.  So my dad pulls over and we go look and see what we can find.  We (the Hubbs and I) decided that we wanted a bigger car because our little car could only hold the two big dogs in the back seat- which isn’t a problem unless we are going somewhere.  We started out in the new lot but quickly discovered that those were a bit too much for our price range.  I’d worked the numbers the night before and had a hard line on what the monthly payment would be so we went to the used car lot.  There were good deals in there but my concern was both price and mpg.  Gas isn’t cheap anymore, especially for larger vehicles.  I was getting a bit discourage and we were running out of time so we were on our way to test drive a Jeep Patriot when we passed the SUV that would be ours:  2008 Chrysler Aspen.  She had 45k miles on her and in the end we got her for a base price of 19.9 (of course with taxes and fees it was more like 23k).  She is a whole lot of truck and has all the amenities so we were all about that deal.  I mean I bought my car brand new with all the extras and that ended up being 18.9 so the upgrade wasn’t bad. We were able to finance under both our names and though we have a pretty high interest rate with Capital One Auto but that was expected.  I figure in a year we can refinance with USAA for a much better rate.

So we finished at the dealership around 7pm CST and drove home so we could pack, eat and get moving.  We only had to fill the tank before we left and it would carry us all the way home without having to stop at a gas station (usually we have to stop once and end up home with just barely enough gas to make it to the gas station).  So we hit the road and things were going well until we got past Hobbs, NM.  As soon as we hit the mountain it began to snow.  I’m not talking flurries–I’m talkin full on snowing.  There were cars stopped by the side of the road- I assume to wait it out- but they didn’t see that their tires were almost half covered in snow.  I have no idea how those people got out of it (I am sure digging was involved).    Pretty soon it was just me and this 18  wheeler.  The man driving was sooo helpful!  He was basically cutting a path for me through the mountain pass.  If there was an area that was a bit hazardous he would flash his breaks at me three times then wait for me to catch up to him.  Seriously, at points we were going like 5-10 mph.  So we get through the mountains and he pulls off at a truck stop and I kept on going.  The snow had let up so I thought we’d be good for the rest of the way.

Boy was I wrong.

We go about 10 miles and it starts snowing really hard again so I am back down to 10mph.  There were points where we wondered if we were even on the right road (one of the down sides of taking a back-road shortcut) since all the signs were covered with ice and snow.   It was a relief to pull up to one of the outer towns of El Paso and see something that I recognized! Still snowing pretty hard though and by the time we got to the road where we pull off to get home I couldn’t even see the street: it was just a blanket of white.  Since we knew where we were though we just did what we had been doing: pushing forward.

We pulled into our garage and when we got out we saw just how much snow we had accumulated.  Thank God we had the truck because there was no way we’d have made it in the car.  We pulled in at about 345 in the morning when we should have been home like at midnight.  The man had to be at work at 530 so I didn’t even get much sleep.

So good and bad came from the whole thing.  My mom called me a weirdo cause I am not particularly excited or happy that we have another vehicle.  I told her I’m happier without a car payment and the extra insurance cost.  We are going to be seriously strapped for cash until we move to Ga and I can get a job to cover the truck payment.  I also don’t know what we are gonna do about money for moving since we still have to pay for gas and lodging not to mention deposits and such when we find a place.  All I can do at this point is pray that people are feeling generous and send us money for Christmas- substantial amounts.  Anything would help of course, since I know so many in my family who have to buckle down on the finances because of the economy.

My Dad says that I worry too much and I think he’s right.  I can’t not think about it though.

Oh I should probably mention that my mom thinks we will now get pregnant on our own because we have something new in our lives.  I told her that I don’t think an SUV is gonna unblock my tubes.  She believes it though so I told her to keep on keeping on.  I am far too pessimistic about any chance at a unassisted pregnancy- deservedly so I believe.  So I’ll keep my pessimism and everyone else can have their optimism. I figure that that should off set things.  At least now we know we have plenty of room in the car for the dogs and a child or two (or even three since the armrest in the back pulls up and has another carseat anchor.

Man, I have to get to school work so I’m gonna have to take on Tuesday through Saturday (today) in another post.

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