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Happ-Happ- Happy BLAH

November 28, 2009

Interesting title right?  I came up with that one all on my own.  So I am home visiting the fam (if you read regularly then you know) for Thanksgiving, my birthday, our Anniversary and my sisters wedding. It has been a pretty full week.

I’ll have to get into the specifics of that later 🙂  It isn’t all bad.  It’s actually been pretty good for the most part.  I do have news regarding the baby… right now the court is allowing A____ to keep him provided she is supervised- which my mom and Tia are completely willing to do.  We are, however, going to be the baby’s guardian/god-parents so if anything happens the baby will come to us.  We are pretty excited and it was my cousin A____ who asked us and it was her idea.  So knowing that the baby is being looked after is comfort.

So yesterday my sister got married.  It took everything I could not to cry  and I was successful.  I really like my new brother-in-law and now we have more Filipino’s in the family.  So we went to Chili’s for the reception/dinner.

Things were pretty crazy so I grabbed my big bag and threw everything into it-  make up, wallet, school book, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste.  I have this really uber cute clutch that I was using so thats what I brought with me into the restaurant (which shall remain nameless.

Anyway, my bag was stolen from my Dad’s brand new car- that they bustedd the passenger-side window.  So now I have no access to my own money.  I should also probably mention that my power steering pump has died and now it sits outside- unable to go in any direction that is forward and backward. Not to mention the only key we have for the car was in the bag- a key that requires programing.  Its not a cheap replacement.

So now I have to deal with trying to remember what cards may have been in there… I had my check book, bank card, and social security number which of course means that the bank and the SS office are the first trips after we pick up the dogs for the kennel- which should be interesting as I have no access to money or credit.

Why do these things happen to me? Is there some sort of lesson I’ve not learned that means I am continuously being taught “lessons”.


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