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The Referral Drama

November 18, 2009

Well apparently they are still gonna have to send me to Wilford Hall in San Antonio.  The GYN here is refusing to take me on as a patient.   Whenever they call me I have to go for orientation… its supposed to be within 30 days but the case manager said that with the holidays coming up I wouldn’t get my phone call until next year.  I have no idea why I have to go to this because I won’t even see a doctor or have a consult.  The earliest they’ll see me is May 2010.

Then there is the whole moving issue.  The case manager gave me the number to the hospital at Ft.Stewart but naturally no one answered the phone so I am gonna have to try that again probably later today (seeing as it is past midnight).  Sigh…


And my mom has bought me fertility tea.

And my mother in law is telling me I don’t pray enough about it.

And I swear if I hear one more “well so and so tried for blah blah years and she got pregnant”….

I may just go all mental

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  1. Allison permalink
    November 19, 2009 1:02 pm

    While well-intentioned, naive “suggestions” like that make me nuts. I finally started telling people that I felt they were implying that it was MY OWN DAMN FAULT that I wasn’t pregnant. Which isn’t what they meant at all, but once I pointed it out they could see it. The “helpful hints” I’ve gotten have dropped off since then.

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