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Up… and Down… and Up… and Down

November 12, 2009

My referral case worker called me at the beginning of this week.  She asked me if anyone had called and informed me of the decision regarding my infertility.  I told her that aside from telling me that I was denied both MTF and outside GYN I hadn’t heard a thing.  She mentioned San Antonio and sending me over there (how is it they deny me a physican in my city and then want to send me across the state?  Being Texas- that is quite a ways) to see their GYN dept there and my wait time is 7-8 months.

She then reviews the details of my file and asks me some questions about time and all that.  Told her the whole sob story (well I didn’t sob and was quite to the point).  That I am on my 58th cycle since we started trying.  I already did a six months of clomid- three at 100 mg and three at 150.  She asked me if I was in my 6th cycle and I explained to her we did three months, a break cycle for my trans vag and HSG, then three months.  My last  cycle was clomid #6 and currently in a new cycle.

She then says to me that she is going to try and get the GYN dept here to take my case (because I have already been through clomid she said. I personally think she has no idea whats going on) and it would be a month wait.  I informed her that we have orders…

OHH right…


I didn’t say here…


We aren’t leaving here in February.  We’ll be gone by mid-January (at this point).   That means that I have only December since I am already just about half way through this cycle- provided I pop an egg in a reasonable amount of time.  When we move we’ll be leaving Tri-Care West and headed into Tri-Care (whatever it is in the east coast region) and its basically switching insurance.  There is a different referral processing center, the network of doctors are different, etc.


If we are lucky (which we have already established based on past experience isn’t the case)  I can get into GYN here, get protocol and be midway through my cycle before we leave.  Then maybe I can get set up with a doctor over there (I have no idea if there is a MTF or if we will be free to pick our own like we could in Atl) for the end of the cycle.

You know- the 26th it’ll be five years of being on this road.  Tomorrow will be a year since the Asiana situation.



ARGH… I wish they didnt’ want my sanity so badly.

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