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Clomid Round 6: WTH?!

October 23, 2009

Remember how, in the last few posts, I have been saying that this cycle is wacked out?

Well now it isn’t just my body that is messed up but these people at the hospital/TMC!

Ok, I think I may have mentioned that I called on Monday to request a phone consult with Dr.N because my cycle seemed to be going the way of annovulatory.  If such was the case then I just wanted to start the provera because I want to have as many possible cycles between now and when we leave to go back to Georgia.  Phone consults are supposed to be answered within 72 hours.

On Tuesday afternoon I called to confirm that my request was still active.  I did the same on Wednesday (the day I should have been called by) and Thursday.  I called around noon today to demand why I hadn’t gotten a call back. It isn’t as though this is something that can be answered at leisure- its freakin time sensitive!

I must say that I have not been thinking good thoughts about Dr. N but this morning I realized that she has never not answered a phone consult request within a few hours.  There was something going on.

I waited for almost 45 minutes on hold.  Then they transfer me to the nurse and she asks me what is wrong.  I said to her that what was wrong is that I haven’t heard from my doctor in a week and I want to know what is going on with her.  She asked someone and didn’t put her phone on mute as she asked.

I hear that “Dr. N is no longer seeing patients at this facility”.

Jaw drop!

How have I called four days in a row and NO ONE inform me that my doctor is no longer practicing with Bliss/WBAMC?

Why didn’t I get a phone call telling me that they were no longer providing her services? It isn’t as though I am a new patient, I’m her first freakin patient at WBAMC!

So anyway, the nurse comes back on the line and all she says to me is “Dr.  isn’t available.  What can I help you with?”  So I tell her that I haven’t ovulated and she heard that as I haven’t started yet.  So she asked me “Could it be that you are pregnant?”

UH.. no.  I can’t be pregnant if I haven’t ovulated. She asked me how I knew that and I told her that I have been tracking my cycles for four years at this point- we’d been trying for almost five years- and I know when I ovulate.  She asked me how and so I told her I do my temp, cervical mucus, cervical position occasionally, ferning, opk’s, etc etc etc.

Figures they would give me a nurse who has no idea what I am talking about.  She took down my information and my phone number and said that she was going to ask someone about it. I  told her that my primary is Dr.D  and it figures that she is out sick today.

So I am waiting for a return phone call.  The phone rings and its the nurse.  She tells me that she told whomever she spoke to that I had been on clomid for FIVE YEARS!  So she tells me that whomever she spoke to wanted to know if I wanted MORE clomid.


Anyway she asks me if I want an appointment with a doctor and I tell her that I want to see Dr.D and not another doctor.  So Tuesday morning I have an appointment to see her (I also have gained an ear infection in my right ear— fun times right?).

The bonus is that I have Dr.D’s personal number so you and I know that as soon as I hung up on the ignorant nurse (not generally ignorant- I am not so ungracious- she’s just fertility ignorant) that she was the next number I dialed.

Her reaction to me telling her was “No one called you?”.

Her answer to my question as to why Dr.N wasn’t there anymore didn’t really surprise me either.

Money cuts.

Of course this is strictly off record.

This year I’ve seen this happen in a couple of different places on post.  New (civilian) doctor’s practicing a specialty have been let go.  It happened at the physical medicine center (where I get my acupuncture done).  Not my doctor but a few new doctor’s that were supposed to provide alternative treatments (like dietitians, etc) to round out the therapies provided.  Money cuts mean that now instead of a “Physical Medicine and Alternative Therapies Center” it is just “Physical Medicine”.

So it looks like no matter what happened with this cycle this is the end of the road.


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  1. October 23, 2009 6:04 pm

    I’m so sorry about the hassle you’ve been given. I had trouble at my clinic too (I wrote about it on my blog). It drives me crazy that they don’t understand what we must be going through and would let us wait as long as they do. Good luck with everything!

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