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In A Weird Kind of Place

October 19, 2009

First, clomid update: Still nothin goin on. I feel as though this cycle may be annovulatory because I am on cycle day 19 and no hint of ovulation. There was that teaser temp that shot up for a day but besides that I’m just chilling out in pre-ovulatory temperatures.  I am gonna request a phone consult with my doctor and see what she wants to do at this point.

As for other news, I am still excited about our move. Still trying to learn about the buyers market before we go for pre-approval.  I am in a weird kind of place.  I am so very ready to not be here anymore, but at the same time I don’t want to miss Az’s  first Thanksgiving, first Christmas or first birthday.  If we stay here we miss Jaelyn’s first Thanksgiving and first Christmas.  We’ll already be in Georgia when her first birthday comes along.  Selfishly, I am already thinking of ways to talk my brother into becoming a Medic when he gets activated to go to boot camp.  Then talk him into requesting Ft. Stewart- just so that we don’t miss much with Az.

We also are no where near ready for a move at this point, but like I said previously, we have that ready-to-go feeling.

Outside of all that there isn’t much going on here on my side of the world.  I’m gonna leave y’all with Az’s 9 month picture:

Go Cowboys!

Go Cowboys!

Go Red Raiders (Texas Tech)!

Go Red Raiders (Texas Tech)!

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