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Another Road

October 14, 2009

As far as what’s going on with Clomid, a simple answer would be: nothin.

The Hubbs is sick.  They don’t know with what as of yet…so they are testing him for a couple different things. Sick men have the uncanny ability to revert to a toddler stage and everything must be done for them. I think I am ovulating today and unless he’s feelin better today and tomorrow then there really would be no shot this cycle. What a way for our last clomid cycle to end: instead of with a bang its like going out to the chirping of crickets.

I am going to call my GYN at the end of the week (if we totally miss this window) and see if maybe we can push up my lap.

I think if we can do that then I can squeeze in three or so more cycles before we have to leave here.
Speaking of which, as of now the Hubbs report date is 10 April 2010.  That means we will probably leave here about a month before he has to begin in-processing.  Naturally I have been looking into home rentals (apartment with three dogs may be a bit much).  Things are not looking good as far as finding someone who will allow our dogs.  The homes that I have come across either don’t accept pets of any kind, dogs under 25lbs, dogs under 20 (which would only be Chubby), or 250 dollar non-refundable deposit per pet (which ends up being $750).  So now we are considering taking the big step and buying a house (using a VA home loan cause there is no way we can save for a down-payment in 5.5 months).

It is such a daunting task and I feel more that just a bit overwhelmed.  I walked to the library today to check out some books (Think “Home Buying for Dummies).  Time to read up so that I can make sense of what is out there. I want to get us the best deal possible since it is a buyers market.

Going down another road…

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