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Clomid Cycle 5: Limbo

September 30, 2009

So that is where I am. Cycle day 30, stopped my progesterone three days ago(last dosage was Sunday night), and negative HPT today.

Protocol this cycle was 150mg CD3-7 and Progesterone Suppositories after confirmation of ovulation (so three days- ovulation was CD 14).

Waiting on my Doc to let me know when I can go to the lab for a  blood draw but she has been sick and unable to come in until today. So I understand that she is working with a back-log. Knowing that certainly doesn’t help the waiting though.

Every other cycle where I stopped progesterone my cycle ended within 48 hrs.

Tomorrow I plan on posting all about my trip to Jacksonville, some family issues, as well as some really good news we got yesterday (though it will affect our infertility coverage)!  Oh and I can’t forget about school news as well!

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