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Gains and Losses/Clomid Round 4 v.2

August 17, 2009

I’ll start with how this cycle is going.  Today is cycle day 19 and I think I may have ovulated on Saturday which would be cycle day 17 (I think).  Anyway, our timing sucked- majorly.

Well, the last two cycles in which I ovulated on Clomid the first was on CD 17, the second on CD15.  Because of that we were thinking that maybe this time it would up itself again though we did time everything until CD15.  No cross-hairs and we’d run out of lube (cause you all know Clomid dries everything up) so we were up the creek for a couple of days.  So while before I wasn’t optimistic because early on all the twinging came from the right side (the side that is blocked) but over the weekend (and especially on the left side) there was all kinds of activity going on in the uterus area of my upper body.  Two quick pangs later on in the day from the left side and then everything eased up (which is why I think I O’d on CD 17).  So beta draw is scheduled for 28 August and if I am right that will be 13DPO.

Moving right along.  I am going on a diet.  I don’t know how difficult it will be to shed 15 lbs but I am going to try.  Probably wondering where the weight came from- MEDS people.  The thing with my meds though is that four of them have weight gain as a side effect, the other two have appetite suppression as their side effects.

I should probably not call it a diet but oh well.  I am going to work on trying some at home video’s for activity and hopefully it’ll work out.  I hate the way my body looks now.  Maybe I would say the same if we did already have children but I don’t know.  From this side of the coin all I can say is at this point I am dealing with the weight gain with none of the benefits of having a baby and it really sucks. Part of the program that I am doing has a goal of keeping a journal so I decided I would just roll that here into my blog.  So you, Dear Reader, may (or may not but should) be seeing notes on my progress thrown into the mix here.

In terms of “Gains and Losses”, I have ‘gained’ a healthy dislike for my friends husband T.  She called me the other day to vent about what he’s been up to and while I try to keep things positive while I am talking to her- I seethe with rage on the inside.

And that isn’t even used in exaggeration.

She has 40 days until her due date, but Beebee is already in position and is gaining weight at a good speed to expect that she just may go early to spite the fact that this will be her first baby so it is not unexpected to expect that 40 days to be more like 25 to 30 days. They are in the process of selling their house in West Virginia to her brother (we’ll call him CD- ohh wait that might get confused with cycle day so lets make it CG).  CG has done everything needed on his end for the paper work to go through- K’s husband T was supposed to take care of the deed since his ex-wife’s name is still on it as co-owner even though as part of their divorce she gave up her rights to the house.  The only thing is that T never went to the county clerk’s office and got the deed changed.  Even though they do have her signed statement waiving the rights it isn’t good enough- they have to have her name off the list.  So K asked T a few months ago to go through his paperwork and find the relevant things.  He never did it.

That money is supposed to help them pay the bills until December (when she graduates with her nursing degree).  It is also what she was counting on so that they could set up a nursery for Beebee.  I am hoping that K gets a bassinet or a pack-n-play at her baby shower next week because that poor child won’t have anywhere to sleep!

Anyway, so one day last week K asked T to get up and find the paperwork they need and the man just grumbled.  At this point it is looking like before they can move on they are going to have to find his ex-wife- which will take far longer than 40 days.

That is not all.  K is doing clinicals so that she will graduate on time. She spends 12 hours every day of the week on her feet.  That alone would be trying but add on top of that being pregnant! T works 8 hours a day if they need him- meaning that he doesn’t always go to work each day.  Friday she gets home and T is sitting on the couch.  He’d been home all day because they didn’t need him at work. The first thing he says to her is “I’m hungry”- expecting her to make him a meal!  She went into the kitchen and none of the dishes had been done, the table had piles of junk on it!  So she does the dishes, cleans up the table and goes to the room to take a nap- only when she gets there she finds that to lay in the bed requires she fold the clean laundry that had been dumped there.

A few hours later she wakes up and T asks her if she wants some ice cream.  She says no because she hasn’t had a meal yet and asked him what he had for dinner. The ice cream was meant to be his dinner apparently.

He is still (on top of all those things) acting resentful toward the pregnancy and makes it known by muttered comments.  The sheer disrespect and apparent disregard toward her makes me so upset.  It is like he looks at her like a live in maid that he gets to sleep with and that pregnancy is an unfortunate consequence.  I don’t understand why he married her if he felt like  it would be “prision” (words that have come out of his mouth by the way), and I don’t understand why he didn’t tell her he didn’t want kids before they got married- since from her end that would have been a deal breaker since she has always wanted a family of her own. Another question that comes to mind is if he didn’t want to have kids why hasn’t he had a vasectomy?

I told K that T had better watch out because if he says one cross thing about her or Beebee while I am there I will most certainly let loose on exactly what I think about him.  She says that she has already warned him- which is funny but sad at the same time.  The man is old enough (he is three years older than K’s father) by now to know how to treat a woman- especially one who is his wife.  But maybe that is why he’s already been divorced once before?

Ugh it really makes my blood boil!

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