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Family Matters:Reunion Recap

July 8, 2009

This may be long.  I’m just putting that out there first and foremost (is that redundant?).

I have waited a few days to kind of filter out the petty stuff and focus on everything in general.

I think it should make this particular entry shorter than it would have been if I had written as soon as we got home.

So things went well overall. I’ll start with the beginning of the week since it was pretty hectic.

29June was the day I was (again) supposed to see my doctor but she called in sick so that day was pretty laid back.  I (looking back) should probably have packed at that point but I didn’t feel like it.  I don’t even remember what it is I did do outside of prepping the dog food and whatnot to drop the dogs off at the kennel on tuesday.

30 June started early since I had to drop the Hubbs off at work.  Then it was back home to let the dogs out and get them all packed up to go.  They are all crazy about car rides and so keeping them OUT of the car while I was trying to load it was more work than the actual packing. Once my dog, Blade, jumped through the open driver’s side window and sat there..behind the wheel…waiting for me.  The ride there was easy (as easy as a hour and a half into another state can be) and as soon as we pulled up Skye was gearing to get out the door and into the kennel.  She truely loves it there as evidenced by the fact that she went through the front door, to the back, and onto the lap of the receptionist/check in lady.  Thankfully she didn’t mind.

Blade is usually torn. He loves being there but doesn’t like being left behind.  What I also see is that with Blade he sees Skye excited and he wants to be that way but then he sees Chubby straining to get to me and wants to stay with him.

He’s such an old soul.

I just love this kennel! Which is why I am willing to drive so far to leave them there if we have no other choice.  I feed my dogs Merrick food (love it!) and I also buy their treats for the dogs.  I completely forgot about treats when packing them up but the kennel looked ahead and ordered the treats for them already!  I was really happy to hear that (and have no problem at all paying for it).  I’ll get back to the dogs and their kennel experience later in this post.

When I got back home I had maybe an hour before I had to head back out for my appointment (yay acupuncture!) and to pick up the Hubbs from work.  We were hoping that they would allow him to sign out early, but our luck just doesn’t run that course.  So home it was so that I could wash and pack what we needed to bring with us.  The Hubbs slept and asked if I could wake him at Midnight so he could drive to the post and sign out.  That way we just had to get up in the morning and get on the road.

Can I just insert here that we went through what I call “responsibility withdrawl”.  We just were kind of lost in not having to care for the dogs!

Ok, so I wash and fold.  Didn’t pack because he was sleeping in the room. Midnight comes and I go in and wake him up (getting him actually out of the bed took about an hour).  So I left the rest of everything for the morning and get ready for bed.  I am all tucked in, reaching over to turn off the light and my phone rings.

It is the Hubbs.

He is at the gate and doesn’t have our new proof of insurance in the car.  I have to call a cab to get to the post and the cab company wasn’t answering the phone.  So I found a new place (and happen to like that company better than the one I’d used previously- which is a good thing) and they said they would be here as soon as possible.  While I was waiting they (the military police) decided they weren’t going to wait at the gate for me so they brought him to the MP Station farther within the post.  He wasn’t arrested…just detained.  It doesn’t matter cause it was still inconvienent.  The old proof was only a day (A DAY) invaild.  Apparently no one has the ability to pick up the phone and call the insurance company to verify.   Anyway, so I finally get there around 3 in the morning (we were planning on leaving at 8 but that certainly wasn’t gonna happen). They glance at the new POI and then say “Ok, you can go”. ARGH.

So we went and signed him out, stopped at the rent office and dropped off the check through the mail slot and came home.  SLEEP!

Woke up later at around 9, loaded the car and went to sonics!  Yeah, they opened up a brand new one right down the road from us.  Less than five minutes.

I tell you it is not good for us.

So we hit the road and its 10:30 which I think was a good time.  Anything before noon was fine with me.

The roadtrip (thankfully) was very uneventful but faster without having to stop with the dogs.

I was TIIIRED. The Hubbs sleeps most of the ride so he’s no help when I start to get drowsy. The good thing (one of the many) about going home is that I don’t have to drive anywhere.  We basically park the car for the whole time we are there.

Thursday (2July) was eventful in a good way.  That morning- after we dropped off my Big Daddy for dialysis- I went to the church to drop off our letter of permission (to sponser my niece outside of our parish- which is a good thing because we are in El Paso and they are in Lubbock).  I went (the Hubbs was at home with the guys) with my mom and sister and met with Father David- who surprisingly knows our Father here- and then we went to get our hair cut.

To save money we go to the beauty school where we can get a cut for five dollars.  I originally was going to go for just a trim and get my bangs a bit heavier but when I got there I really wanted a new shape since what was goin on wasn’t lookin so hot. Tina (the woman my mom reccommended) did a wonderful job and I absolutely love my hair!

My sister got the same hair cut and she is crazy (in a funny way).  She was all like “IM BALD” which isn’t true at all, but her hair was shorter than it has been ever though so it will take some getting used to.  She loves it though and it does make her look like she is about to be in her 20’s (her birthday is coming up on the 29th).  The day went by really well.

Some concern though as far as my sister and her boyfriend.  I don’t know how to articulate the frustration that I am feeling about their relationship.  My sister and this guy apparently are talking about marriage.

Not to toot my own horn but I have a history of feeling good or bad about relationships.  Right now I am battin a 1000 and so I trust my instincts.  It seems like they (my sister and parents) are overlooking the reason why he is jail!  While I was home we got a copy of his indicment: he has been charged with burglary with intent.  I also found out that he has also been charged in a seperate burglary (going through a window and stealing game consoles and games).  My sister doesn’t want to see…and my parents are choosing the same because (I believe) they feel like they need to support her and are hoping for the best.

My mom was telling me that he was a nice guy and that she couldn’t visit him in the jail anymore because she didn’t feel like he belonged there.  UH, HELLO! The man was involved in a burglary where the victim was raped.  Even if (and that is a big one considered this seperate burglary charge) he didn’t DO anything he still stood outside KNOWING what was happening inside.  He could have called the police at that point.  He could have called the police anytime in March, April, May or the beginning of June but he didn’t.  What does that say about his character? What does it say about the kind of person he TRUELY is– not the persona he puts on to impress people?  What does it say about the people who he CHOOSES to associate with?

I did make my opinion known so that it can’t be said that no one said anything.  I don’t believe though (and I may just be really hoping) that he is going to get cleared of the charges so that means prision for at LEAST 5 years- enough time (hopefully) for my sister to get a clue.

Also talked to my parents about my middle brother and basically told them both what I have heard from the both of them seperately.  He has to make a move to support his family himself- a step that shows he is trying at least.  They (at some point) spoke with him and said that he has a month to step out on his own (not necessarily move out though no matter what they will have to start paying part of the rent in August as well as a portion of the utilities) or he will be forced to step out (meaning they will have to move out).

So my brother spoke to the Hubbs and they had a long conversation about the Army (which I believe is a good thing).  My Bro of course had questions that the Hubbs answered as well as he was able.  My sister in law and I spoke and I answered the questions she had as well as addressed the concerns about deployment, training, etc. I asked her if this was something that was spur of the moment (which mybro is infamous for) and she told me that he’d actually been talking about it for a long time.

So then we (all six of us- my parents, my bro and his wife along with myself and the Hubbs) sat down and had a chat.  My dad said that he didn’t think the Army was anything but a last choice and that this particular decision is really his best option.  So Bro is supposed to meet with a recruiter this week.  We’ll see what happens with that.

Also spoke to Sister and younger Bro about helping Mama and Big Daddy out because they really need it.  I don’t think they realized how much but they did end up giving them money for the month– 500 and 300 respectfully.  Hopefully they will keep that up and I won’t have to be the one to “remind” them again that they are adults now.

My older brother bought my mom a netbook- which she is really excited about since she is left today and would have no internet access at my Grandma’s house.  We had gone to Best Buy thursday…

Left Turn: ok we went to best buy originally because I can’t find the cradle charger to my HP camera.  Since I bought it at a Best Buy in Georgia I thought that they would have some way of charging my camera. Can you believe this particular BB doesn’t sell HP camera’s or any of the accessories!

…and I had shown her the one I have been looking to get the Hubbs for Christmas this year (maybe our anniversary if the money works out).  She was gonna get the one from Target- which is cheap but for 100 or so dollars more the improvement in function is well worth it.

The Hubbs went out with my siblings Friday night.  I don’t go to the clubs (as I said before) so I got to watch Az.  Before they all left we’d gone to the sports bar and had a great time.  I think bars in general are more enjoyable than the craziness of clubs.  Anyway, so I stayed up long after I put Az to sleep because I didn’t want to take my meds and not be able to hear the baby monitor should she wake up hungry or wet.

So they get home and we all try to go to bed. To say that it was a long daywould be an understatement.  I don’t understand where any of them got the energy to even step out the door.  Anyway, so we go to sleep and my husband starts to cry.  “I can’t believe Michael Jackson is dead”, “I have so many memories”, blah blah blah.  Seriously crying.  Shaking the bed crying.

I should probably say that my husband is an “emotional” or “honest” drunk.  Which is -I suppose- better than a mean drunk, a violent drunk, etc.  He rarely gets this way but its always entertaining when it happens because he doesn’t remember a thing about it.  While he was in Korea he would drunk call me at work- tell me things like “I really really love you”.  You can tell when he’s been drinking because he voice raises a couple of octives (is that spelled correctly?).  At least I know that he really does right?

Anyway, I went to sleep and woke up (I don’t know how much later) to him rubbing my stomach (actually the bulge that is the result of these freakin medications).  So I asked him what the heck he was doing (imagine that in a scratchy voice) and all he said was “wishing”.

So Saturday was fun for the most part.  My dad had a hard time of it though because he had to be up at 5 to do his dialysis at 6 so he could make the reunion that started at 10.  There are a heck of a lot of people in my family!  I was MOST glad to see my cousin, Cooter.  See there was some sort of issue where his wife made him choose between us and her.  My Tio Steve (his dad) told him that we would always be here and it was ok.  So we haven’t seen him in YEARS. I’d never met his kids until last Saturday.  He is the only one who still calls me “Mississippi” and I am really the only one who still calls him Cooter- his daughters thought the name was hilarious- especially when I told them the story behind the name.

We had a few new members- spouses and babies.

Oh man, Im tired- so I’ll finish this later in a “Part 2”.  There is so much more that happened in such a small amount of time.  I think that I am in the middle of a severe flair up- both CFS wise and Fibro.  It really is kicking my butt and the hubbs almost brought me into the ER yesterday.

Thanks for reading it.

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