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Clomid Round 3 v.5

June 29, 2009

Today’s heading should have read (Conclusion) but unfortuanately I don’t have that at this point.

It seems as though something out in the universe does not want me to get a beta draw.

I have mentioned it here already but as a recap:

1) Appointment originally scheduled for 13DPO- 26 June.  Had to reschedule because Friday was made a training day for the clinic.

2)Today- 17DPO- I am called this morning because my doctor is ill and unable to get in today.  My primary is out on vacation for the next two weeks so I can’t go to her. No appointments available until Thursday.

Only thing is we leave for my family reunion on Wednesday morning. So my main internal debate is if I should just stop the progesterone-makin last night my last night and having flow begin on the drive up to home or to go ahead and finish out the supps I have and not start flow until possibly Thursday or (more likely) Friday.

My follow-up appointment at this point is set for Monday 06July.

And more likely than  not next cycle will be a forced break

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