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Sim Life!/Clomid Round 3 v.4

June 24, 2009

It took me awhile to figure out what I was going to call this particular post since I didn’t feel like making two separate postings.  I think it is kind of finny how I usually can’t even begin a post until I come up with what I think is an appropriate title.  I’ll get back to contemplating that later (maybe…no promises).   Also, I have pictures of Jaelyn and recent ones of Az that I will be posting at the end of this post (a warning for those of you who are sensitive at this point in time).

So, I’ll begin with “Sim Life”.  I don’t know if I have mentioned it here, but I love games! I know the usual somber tone of my posts belies the fact, but it is true just the same.  It isn’t just console or PC games either.  I think that a good board/card game is a great way for families to connect and compete.  Anyway, so Sims3 was released a couple weeks ago and I was at the store first thing that morning then came right back home  and loaded it right onto the computer. My Hubbs says that I have a ‘god-complex’ because the main appeal to me is that I can control everything (mostly) that happens within the world that I create (I have Sim City + packs as well).

The only thing that really threw me off was the fact that I am so very used to all the expansion packs from Sims2 so I think my game options are pretty limited until they start releasing those.

So my new Sim is living the high life in a shabby house.  I have yet to move her even though in her career she is now “Leader of the Free World”.  Would you believe that I had to get the “fertility treatment” and a new man before she fell pregnant!?  I had her first as a young adult and she hooked up with a guy that was a bit older.  I had to find her a new man when the first one died and at that point she was just 10 days from becoming elderly- so I would say she is definitely “advanced maternal age”.  Go-figure.

What is it they say about life imitating art?

Anyways, so I (and my hubbs) would like to announce that our first Sim is expecting.  Because of the “fertility treatment” we have yet to find out if it will a singleton or multiples.  I’ll keep you all posted.

(It’s kinda crazy, right? Blogging about a game.  I can’t believe I let the Hubbs talk me into this!)

As far as my cycle goes- I believe that it is another bust.   So much so that I almost stopped my progesterone last night.  I would have if the Hubbs hadn’t harassed me until I got my behind out of bed and placed the thing. I am also really tempted to just cancel my appointment next week.  I was talking to my Grandma about it last night and she told me that it isn’t time to give up and that I shouldn’t until they tell me absolutely that it is pointless to continue to try.  Really, I don’t know (or maybe don’t believe) if I have the strength that I’m going to need to go through the process.  Of course, in thinking about it, no one really knows until they reach that point.

Anyway I may just decide to keep it just so I can see if I could get a bit more progesterone- enough so that I don’t go through my bleed in the middle of my family reunion/Az’s baptism.  I mean, its not gonna hurt anything and next cycle is a forced break since he has field problems from the 8th to the 20th. We’ll see.

I find that once again I am mentally beginning to pull away from the infertility community- back into the limbo of not really belonging in any particular niche of the online world.  Some things have been said that I don’t really want to get into here, but generally made me feel as if I don’t belong to any of the groups where women have been trying awhile like I have (some more, the majority less).  I most definitely do not belong to any of the “lesser” groups (meaning those who are just getting diagnosed with an issue, beginning testing, or just beginning to try) because mentally I am not  in the same place, even though I do put in my two-cents when the topic is something I feel I can contribute a bit of my knowledge toward.

There are precious few topics though.

I find myself annoyed by the questions of the “newbie” and “fertile” crowd even though in my head I know that the questions they ask are completely normal.  I answer them in what I hope is a positive way because I know that it is all me (totally bad break up line, right?).

But let me just put this out there:

Google (well now I use Bing because I totally love it) it!

Some answers are so incredibly easy to find if you just type in a couple of terms!

Back to my thoughts:

When we started back up truly and actively TTC again I renewed my subscription to fertility friend for six months since Dr.N is all about charting and also used that as a “thinking pause” where we were going to reassess where we are in addition to what the next steps will be.  We are half way through now and I am already defeated.  Well, I may not be all the way but I certainly am going down that path.  I just don’t know how to be optimistic about these kinds of things anymore.

Maybe its the meds.  Even last night as I watch the premier of America’s Got Talent (Sidenote: 1) anyone ever wonder why it isn’t “America HAS Talent?  2) I LOVE Nick Cannon as the new host! He is incredibly funny! and 3) the Song dedicated to David Hasselhoff was HILARIOUS while being really creepy at the same time) I cried.  I am doing way too much crying. I don’t like it one iota! Thing is I can’t seem to help myself sometimes.  Just watching the television is becoming dangerous territory.  Dealing with the online world is definitely dangerous territory.  I guess that could also be a reason why I am into the gaming thing.

Interesting thought.

I think I’m going to throw in a bit of “Family Matters” into this post pot as well. My Big Daddy called me last night just to chat a bit.  He asked if the Hubbs and I would be bringing our DVD recorders and our digital camera.  Most definitely!  We will be recording the goings on of our family reunion, our time with Az and her baptism as well.  We have “His” and “Hers” cams. His is small, but mine is smaller- and red.

He tells me that for whatever reason he can’t seem to find his equipment.  This is unusual because he usually takes very good care of things and he had it in January when Az was born.

It almost shames me to admit that I think my younger brother has something to do with the disappearance.  I didn’t mention it to my Dad because I don’t have any proof, just a feeling.  My brother has a “whats mine is mine, whats yours is mine” mentality when it comes to my parents and their things. I hope that isn’t the case and I’ll be squeezing into the far reaches of the attic when I get home on the hunt for it all.

Woo hoo!

You know, while there are some issues that I feel I need to speak with my siblings collectively about when I get home- I am really really looking forward to going.  I think it is because we have so much fun together as a family (and probably the fact that I don’t have to worry about my sister being pregnant after her m/c- though I still plan to see how she is doing emotionally about the whole thing).

I am hoping that the questions about children are few and the requests for clubbin are nil.  My Siblings are all about going to the club but I just don’t feel comfortable there.  Even when we were teens and went out to the age appropriate clubs I didn’t like it.  The whole environment is just too…



Hum, I can’t really put my finger on it but those words are the general direction I am going.  I mean, the last time I went some dude grabbed my sister-in-law’s behind.  Not just an accidental tap while speaking or walking by, but full hand worth of her behind!  And she was still pregnant at the time! My brother ended up in a fight (which I don’t usually condone but in this case totally appropriate).  Anyway, everyone always wants to go and I don’t so I end up at home with my parents. Which isn’t bad because I rarely get alone time with them, but I do have a bit of guilt because they do beg me to go.

Sigh.  I am going to go and do some laundry and wait for the phone call that puppy Chubby is ready for pick up. He is at the vet for his yearly comprehensive exam.

And I’ll probably play Sims too.Have a great middle of the week!

OHH I almost forgot: Jaylyn pictures!

Welcome to the World

Welcome to the World

Sleepy Girl

Sleepy Girl

So Serious! Looks just like Daddy did!

So Serious! Looks just like Daddy did!

Can you believe the amount of hair that girl has?!

And some new ones of Az:

Love these Bows!!

Love these Bows!!

Rockin the Shades

Rockin the Shades

Chillaxin on the Couch

Chillaxin on the Couch

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