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That’s the Plan,Stan

May 30, 2009

My GYN was incredibly pleased that today was cycle day 1 and I was right on target in making my appointment for today.

I found out a couple of things today but I’ll start out with the plan for this cycle.

We were both “YAY” excited that I actually ovulated this cycle and that I actually bled on my own.  Not so happy that my luteal phase was only 12 days (and my progest. numbers weren’t where she was happy).  I stay on the 100mg days 5-9 this cycle but am adding progesterone suppositories 1-15 DPO (and if I do get pregnant at any point then I will remain on the supps through to the beginning of my second trimester).

My HSG… sigh.  Like I said before the right side is about 2/3’s blocked.  (I want to slap the next person who tells me that I only need one tube by the way).  Also apparently my cervix is a bit “tight” (which would explain the cath problem).  Generally they said I tolerated the procedure well.

The Hubbs S/A- is perfect. In fact the man has “overachievers”.  His morph percentage was 56.7%  and Motility was at 64.6%.  Both numbers well over what the standards are and the Hubbs was more than happy with his full results (he asked that I not put ALL of his info out there so he could have some privacy- the crazy man).  I am happy for him (a bit grudgingly if I am going to be completely honest) because I know that he was really worried about it.  He was scared since his first S/A wasn’t so hot.  There was a lot going on before that so I am sure that played a bigger role than we gave credit for.

So its me.

Go figure, right?

(Okay, from this point is just a recount of the day–if you don’t want to continue reading then I totally understand)

Can I just say that the pharmacy was out of control?  I got my clomid just fine.  The supps though weren’t so easy. I had to wait at the clinic TMC until they figured out that they didn’t have any and they sent me back to Dr.N to tell her so and that she should put in an order at the hospital outpatient pharmacy (like they couldn’t pick up a phone?). I went back there anyway and passed the message along so that I could stop by to see if Dr.D had anyone in with her (she did so I didn’t get a chance to talk to her about butt-wipe endocrinologist).

So I get over to the hospital and thankfully the parking wasn’t so bad. At this point I was really crossing my fingers for a quick in and out since I did call ahead to see if they had any supps on hand (since they have to be made) so that I would know if I had enough time to go get them and stop by the post exchange.  So I wait for my number to be called and its always a bit slow.  Then I get up to the window and there was a whole issue with the supps on hand blah blah blah.  They asked me to sit down and they would call me. I waited and waited…

and waited…

and waited…

Then someone called my name.  I had my supps and even got an express pass for my next pharmacy visit!  It doesn’t sound like much but seriously- a skip to the front of the pharmacy line card is like GOLD!

Oh I also found out that as of 22May the outpatient pharmacies would not be carrying my Lyrica!  Now when my refills run out I have to go to the speciality pharmacy to get it.  Not such a big deal as I have just had my refills renewed and the refill pharmacy will still issue refills.   I was all sighing with relief when the guy tells me that in August, I will have to go through loops to prove that it is medically necessary for me to be on Lyrica.  I would think that the fact that I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Lyrica is FOR fibromyalgia patients it would automatically be deemed medically necessary. Besides when I was first put on this particular med I had to jump through all those hoops to get the stuff from the speciality pharmacy. BAH HUMBUG!

The time waiting though did cost me. I needed to get to the post exchange so that I could get shoes, make-up and undergarments (all of which cost far more than the dress itself) for this ball tonight.  I grab some taco bell (because the last ball had awful food) and proceed to rush as much as one can during rush hour to get home.  I run in the house with my shoes, hose, undergarments, and make up and proceed to get myself ready (sort of).  The man can’t find his dress shoes so we have to stop at the post exchange AGAIN so I can run in my very high (but very gorgeous- so worth the pain) heels to the clothing & sales to grab him some new shoes.  We get downtown and find that the hotel where this ball is being held happens to be in the very center of street detours- so we first had to find parking downtown then walk there (I might remind you that I have now run in brand new heels and was now pounding the pavement in them as well).  Then it hits me what is wrong with his uniform.  It isn’t the placement of medals, patches, etc.  It is the fact that he is wearing a GREEN shirt instead of a white one… and a necktie instead of a bowtie.  No way he can go in there like that so all my rushing was for naught (along with the god- awful dress shopping expidition).

So we came home. I got all dressed up for an hour in the car. Go me. It really was alright with me though. I hate balls and I really hate getting all dolled up.

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  1. May 30, 2009 7:39 pm

    Are you going to have a salpinectomy?

  2. May 30, 2009 7:39 pm

    Ahem… salpingectomy

    Not this time…I think she is hoping that this next cycle does work and if not well then I will have to bring it up…thanks for the comment friend!

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