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Clomid Round 2 v.4

May 27, 2009

Here I am– back again.

But really it is no surprise as this is my blog.

Where am I? Well physically I am 11 or 12 DPO (right at this moment I don’t remember).  I am having what would be considered a good luteal phase.  I have all the symptoms of a good level of progesterone. Sensitive Ladies, expanding my relationship with John in the bathroom, etc etc

Do I think we are pregnant?  Nope sure don’t.

Remember my last post?  Where I said there was some optimism? Yeah, that is pretty much gone today.  I am thinking that all the great symptoms are those of have a good strong ovulation- which is a step above last cycle right?

Emotionally I am not so hot.  I don’t know if it has to do with hormones or just my plummeting self-confidence.  I found out Monday that there is an Army ball on Friday.  I don’t have a dress in this house that fits me now–thank you meds for the extra poundage… NOT.  I figured that I could find a good dress at JC Penny’s for a good price.  I usually do and so I planned on only having to go down the street.

Ha! Yeah right.

First I had to figure out exactly what my size was- which sounds easy but it wasn’t.  Apparently I am between sizes- and I mean all sizes.  In Women’s I don’t quite fit into certain sizes.  So I tried the mid-size (which of course brings one into the junior’s sizes) and that one didn’t quite fit either.  So I thought to try petites and that wasn’t quite right either.

So I had to go to the mall.  I went to Sears, Macy’s, Penny’s (again), Dillards, and those little speciality stores in between and still didn’t like any of the formal dresses.  I ended up buying the one dress that fit the best and I don’t even like the thing.  Plus, it is more suited for cocktail hour than a ball.

Some would say I could dress it up with accessories or my hair, but my hair is too short to do anything outside of straightening it- but I wear it like that all the time.

I know it really shouldn’t matter since I am pretty positive since this was planned on the fly that once again it won’t be great.  The last ball we had was Christmas 07 and it was awful.  They should have called it a banquet with an all you can eat bland food buffet.  Considering all this I really shouldn’t worry about the appropriateness of my attire but I can’t help myself.  I was raised primarily by my Grandmother and that generation you most definitely dress to the occasion (meaning that travel meant wearing a nice dress, nice shoes, etc rather than comfort based- I don’t dress to fly because of all the security but I do feel guilty every time I do).  At this point, I am seriously considering just having him go by himself since he is required to be there.  The one chick I have a great time talking to won’t be going because her mom is out of town and they have no one to watch the boys.

You know what sucks about this weight gain due to these meds?

That I look like the stuff has worked–but it hasn’t and because of that I just want to hide so no one asks.

UGH bah humbug

OHH I am wondering if anyone has experience with beta blockers and how they affect temp charts?

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