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Clomid Round 2 v.3

May 25, 2009

Well, with my temps it seems as though this time for sure I did ovulate so I am glad for that. In the interest of too much information I am wondering if gassy-ness is a side effect?

Cause seriously… it is getting completely out of hand.

Over the last few days this has come upon me and this morning it woke me up it was so loud! I kid you not! I am so glad at that point that the Hubbs wasn’t home because he would never let me live that one down.   He is naturally gassy- to the point that there is always a can of nutra-air whenever he comes and sits in the same room with me. I have been known to tell him that I think something crawled up there and died!  I rarely have gas and even then it is usally in the restroom- the one place where it actually belongs in my very honest opinion.  Yesterday, I had a tweet and he heard accross the room and thought it was one of the dogs (they are quite gassy as well at times).  I certainly did not correct that particular view point.

I must say that I am a bit hopeful this cycle-” reluctantly optimistic” is probably a good descriptive phrase to name what I am feeling.  There is still a good percentage though that is what I would call “realistically pessimistic” though.

Ok.. thats enough of all that.  Right now I am 10 DPO… I have my appointment for my beta draw on Friday and that is when we will get back the S/A results as well as the “offical” results from my HSG.

If you want a peek at the chart then its linked up top.

Have a great Memorial Day!  Make sure to thank a veteran, and remember the fallen- those who are truly heros.

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  1. texicali permalink
    May 25, 2009 5:12 pm

    10 dpo!! i’m 9dpo!! i want to test!! my beta is on wednesday and on friday.

    holy smokes, i would throw a freakin’ party for your bfp!

    and yes, go read WTT – you’ll see that gassy is definitely a pg symptom!! (but so is being mad at your dog, cheese puff smelling pee, and…you get the picture.)

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