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A Day Of Tests

May 11, 2009

Today was one of those days that I wish I got paid for going to appointments.

I left this house at 9:15 this morning and didn’t get home until a bit after 5:30.  That is a full work day- and I didn’t even get lunch!

This morning I had my beta draw where I ended up waiting for an hour and fifteen minutes which made me late for my Cardiology appointment which in turn made me late for my HSG appointment.

In all it was a crazy day so let me bring it back to the beginning (a very good place to start…)

So I set my alarm only I didn’t hear it when it first went off. I initially thought that I would give the dogs a couple of hours to run around before I left but alas… they got like 45 minutes. I thought that the time allotted (an hour for the lab, thirty minutes to get to the cardiologist) would be plenty.

I say that never again will I agree to go to the hospitals lab.  It is right there by “Woman’s Health” which is really just OB/GYN issues. I was surrounded by pregnancy and newborns. Talk about wanting to shove my head in a cushion. At least at the troop medical clinic (AKA: TMC which is where both my Primary care physician and my GYN operate from on the main post) the lab is by physical therapy areas.  The Childrens waiting room is on the far side of the clinic so I don’t have to deal with the whole fertile thing outside of the main waiting room.

So I called the Cardio office and told them about what was going on.  I was glad that they said they understood and to just call when I was done with the lab and they would let me know if I could still get in to see him.  Luckily I could.  So I went in and they checked my heart rate and there was no change.  He asked me how I was feeling and I told him honestly: Like crap.  I have slept every night for seven days and I feel like I have gone seven days with no sleep. I can’t function during the day because I am exhausted.  This past weekend I literally went from the bed, side trek to let the dogs out, laid on the couch, got up to let the dogs in, laid on the couch, etc etc until it was time for the dogs to go to bed- which is when I went to bed. So he told me to continue with the nortriptyline and added a beta blocker to try and get my rate down.  He said it should take about four weeks to be able to tell if it is working so that is my first appointment for the month of  June.  He also made it so far out because he has yet to get my “official” results from the cardio lab at the hospital (Beaumont is not pullin through for me that is for sure).

So at this point I only have about 45 minutes to get back to the hospital and with lunch traffic I wasn’t holding out much hope.  I get to radiology and fortunately when I got there they hadn’t gotten my lab results in yet so I got to sit there and wait.

Then the Sgt hands me a folded piece of paper and tells me that I have to go over to “Woman’s Health”- pshaw- and that I may not be able to do my HSG! Who doesn’t want to walk into a waiting room full of women in various stages of pregnancy? So of course on my way there I look and see that my HcG is a bit elevated but not enough to stop an HSG.  I know this but he apparently doesn’t have a clue.  The man is going to make me go over there so that someone can look at the puny number and sign on the line saying I could go ahead with the procedure.  I get there knowing what was coming up I was not going to particularly enjoy. So I walk up and hand them the paper- which apparently caused some sort of issue.  I had to wait until someone could “sign off” and they didn’t “know how long it would be until someone was available. Sigh

The only thing I wondered was what was causing the slight elevation.  I have had my share of beta draws and never had any discernible level present.  I got a beta draw before my last dosage of progesterone.  Yet another one before beginning my clomid this cycle. Humm, tomorrow I am going to have to try and remember to try and figure out what could have caused it.  There is no way this side of Hades that I believe for a second that there was conception considering I had no indication of ovulation last cycle.  Anyway, back to my rather interesting day.

So I get back to radiology for my HSG and I sign all the papers stating that I understand what the procedure is yada yada yada.  Would you believe that it took three  different catheters before they could find one small enough?  Well yeah.   That wasn’t pleasant I must say.

The results?  My left side is fine, my right side is almost completely blocked.   The dye did nothing to clear it so he pretty much told me “Hey, you only need one anyway”.  Yeah, sure, whatever.  You’d think that after 4 and a half years of infertility that I’d need 100% of my uterus for even a 25% (we all know thats for a normal couple with no known issues- which we all know I am not).  It makes me all the more certain that this just isn’t gonna happen for us.  I mean as of right this moment I haven’t responded to meds, and even if I do respond this cycle who is to say it will be from the left side? And even if it does happen a crucial half to the party isn’t even present.  Does that mean that only every other cycle we have a decent shot?  It’s not like I have 12 cycles in a year or even 10. At the rate I’m cruising through cycles lately I have seven… and that in half is what?  Three and some change?  This doesn’t even take into consideration my husbands s/a.

Looking at the trend I am not holding high hopes at all.

Anyway, after I was done with radiology I went over to see my doc so I could let her  know what was going on as far as my cardio, and so she could put in my new perscription.  We made sure that my referral for endocrinology was in the system and called up to the cardio center at Beaumont to find out why I hadn’t been called to schedule my TTE as of yet?  She was put through the ringer so she is going straight to the head of the cardiology section because really- it is has been entirely too long for simple results and heaven forbid someone actually answer the phone!  Anyway, found out that the pharmacy at the TMC didn’t carry the med I needed so I had to drive back to the hospital.  The gate guard was like “Is this the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen you today?”

Anyway, after all that I finally got to come home and just lay on the couch.  Cramping is a word to describe how my general feeling was- back pain definitely.

So that was my day. This is certainly long enough and I am more than ready for a good nights sleep.

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  1. texicaligirl permalink
    May 12, 2009 4:33 pm

    yikes, what a pain in the ass.

    do you know which of your ovaries is dominant?

    whats up with ivf in the military? can you do it? if you wanted to that is?


    No we can’t afford IVF. We only have his pay- which isn’t much. I am pretty willing to be that it would be my right side that is dominant, because if it were the left then that would be something actually in my favor- and we can’t have that! Thanks for stoppin by lady! I was just at your blog too when I got the comment notification!

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