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It Is Always Something

May 5, 2009

So I have said here that there seem to be quite the number of things wrong with me- outside of what is considered apart of fibromyalgia and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).  I am having heart rate issues, weight gain beyond what I should have with the meds I’m taking (fertility related as well as fibro/cfs management), Infertility, etc.

I had yet another appointment today with my primary physician- the dreaded (but nothing compared to everything else) annual.  I have said many many times that I absolutely love my doctor.  She absolutely takes the time to talk about what is going on with all my other doctors and the tests/procedures results in people-speak instead of doctor-speak.

Today, she again proved to me that she is the absolute best.  After my appointment I went to the lab for yet another thyroid panel- this time specifically for antibodies then went home because I am tired.  See, my cardiologist is trying to figure out if it is one of my current prescriptions making my heart rate so high- so for one week I am without one and the following week it will be a different one until I cycle through all of them (except the Lyrica).  This week I stopped nortiptyline and yesterday was my first night without it and the result isn’t good.  Sometimes I forget exactly why I have to take a particular Rx and it is times like this that bring the realization straight to the front.  I slept but got no rest- so waking up this morning I felt as though I had no sleep at all.  I wanted to come home and take a nap.

Which I did.

Then I got a phone call from Dr.Draluck about 5:30 or so.  She had been looking over my records and taking into consideration what we talked about today as well as what she saw with my body and she has decided (after looking at many different possiblities) that I should start testing for Cushings Syndrome. I must say that it certainly covers all the things that seems to be piling on.  I am not looking forward to another issue but to have a diagnosis and a treatment is really kind of a relief.  Not that I have it yet- but I am looking forward to knowing what is going on rather than trying to do something for each individual symptom.

So tomorrow and Thursday I have one test.. then next week there is another test then I go to the endocrinologist.  After that I have no idea what is next.

I had told my Grandma when I got home (on the phone of course) that I was glad that I was done with my appointments for the week.  I should have never opened my mouth!

As far as fertility testing- I got the instructions for my husband to get his S/A done- which will happen the first Thursday that he is back from this field problem.  Today is day 3 of Clomid round 2 and I am just hoping that they work through the weekend and get to come home early so that we have a shot should my body decide to produce an egg.

Ohh totally abnormal bleeding!  I normally bleed three days- Light, Med-Heavy,Light with maybe a half-day to day of spotting.  I’ve currently bled five days- I won’t get into the gory details though.

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