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Busted..and other thoughts

April 15, 2009

Well, if you have kept up with me then thank you.  It can’t be easy when I have slacked off so much on updating on a regular basis.

Truth is that yesterday was the first time that I didn’t have to go to a doctor.  Even Sunday I had an appointment! On Easter Sunday!  The bonus is that while ultrasound is right next to maternity- it was Sunday and everything back there was quiet.  No pregnant women or children running around.

It really was a concern that there would  be a line of women in there checking in on their babies- while I was there for a completely different issue.

So I got my Rx for progesterone and my Clomid.  She wants me to take them again days 5-9 (100mg).  I will also be scheduling an HSG for day 7.  The hubbs has to get another S/A done.  Isn’t that the best kind of news to deliver when he’s out in the forest sleeping on the cold ground.

I have talked to my Grandma about all this and to spite comments made a couple years ago when I first told her of my issues she has been the rock that she’s always been.  She’s optimistic where I am not.  I can’t seem to muster it- the pessimism is backed by years of being in the minority. More recently by the non-response to Clomid.  I don’t think the Hubbs is allowing any hope- just going through the motions and doing what the doc wants him to do.  I understand that too.

If it is positive thinking that gets things done then we really are screwed LOL.

As far as my Cardio goes I have more testing and they are going to start playing with my meds (have I mentioned this already? I am having this feeling of dejavu).  I am not looking forward to it at all.  With the meds I am on now it took about seven weeks.  I must admit that I am rather curious as to what they are gonna try since I’ve tried lots of different things already.

I am antsy lately.  I am so ready to move somewhere new.  Even if it is just to a different house. I figure that the fact I spend so much time at home might be a contributing factor.  The other would be that if somewhere is “bland” then I have the urge to move more.

The Hubbs is at Ft.Campbell for training and while he is up there he is looking at houses and things.  He’s been looking on the Tennesse side of the boarder but my best friend called (they have orders to report to Campbell in July) and they are there looking for a house.  They found one but it is on the Kentucky side.  If we are fortunate to get the posting then I’d rather live near her and the boys (she has two sons, a husband and a male dog) in Kentucky than by ourselves on the Tennesse side.  I figure that the weather and surrounding areas are similar.  She says the house they are getting is “out there” with alot of land that goes with it….which is perfect!

Can I just say that I HATE socks!!!  That and I think my Hubbs has stolen socks from a giant because no one in this house has feet that big.

Matching socks is my own personal hell.. and I must now sign off and get to it because I certainly don’t want piles of socks on the coffee table for any period of time.

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