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Side Effects and a bit Concerned

March 11, 2009

Oh man this is crazy!

I thought that I was doing alright as far as side effects go since over the last 10 days I haven’t experienced any of the side effects listed- which is really odd since I am usually the one with a full on compliment of side effects.

It has been about 48 hours since my last dose of Progesterone and where I have been expecting spotting at the least I have been hit with mood swings.

Crazy mood swings.

I don’t like it at all because I am not sure if its me or the drop in the level of hormones circulating.

I am also concerned about my referral to cardiology.  In short- I haven’t gotten notification that I’ve been processed.

I would think that a referral to a cardiologist would be looked on as sort of a priority.  I am keeping track of racing episodes and pain (my doc told me to keep a log no matter how minor the pain may be so that I can share it with cardio).  The request was sent in five days prior to my beginning the progesterone.  It isn’t supposed to take longer than 10 days to get approval.  It is now two days after my ten days of meds- 17 days.

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