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Family Matters vol.1

March 10, 2009

I have decided that rather than disperse my ranting and raving about the lunatics that sprinkle the donut of my very unique family through many different posts- that I would try and consolidate into one post.  The good thing about this is that only what truly leaves an impression on me will be remembered and written down in these volumes.  The bad thing would be that I would forget some details as I go along and even then these posts are bound to be LOOONG.

So my disclaimer is that my side is of course just one side of the story.  Normally there are two sides and sometimes there are five or six (depending of course on the number of people involved) but you wont find them here.

(I should also say that at the bottom of this post will be yet another adorable picture of my niece- in case you just want to skip to the bottom).


My dad’s wife has requested to be my friend on face-book. EH, what a pain in the butt.  I stopped posting so much on Myspace because she requested me as a friend, now I am refusing to budge from face-book.  I do know that I can list her under her own heading for a limited profile- but I don’t even know how to do that- so if anyone would like to lend a helping hand then I would truly appreciate it. She has also been trying to get in touch with  me through the Hubbs phone.  She has the thickest head in the world.  See, the Hubbs phone number used to be my phone number.  This was four years ago.  Three and a half years ago we decided to switch because mine was uber-easy to remember and the guys in the phone tree ended up just calling me to get him.  This past December, while I was in town for my older brother’s graduation I took her phone and made sure that my name was under my number and the Hubbs was under his.  So I dont’ know why in the world she continues to insist on calling/texting that phone.

Of course, it does make things easier since he doesn’t have her name listed under her number so it is much easier to ignore her and for as long as she insists on the route of communication I have a perfectly legitimate reason for not replying.

What does she want?  She texted that our second kitty (a big grey cat named Shadow) passed on (not a big surprise with the level of care I assume she was providing).  This woman complains about not being able to do much- especially to walk the dogs (of which they have three) down the street– and she says they got a new kitten.  Yes this is the same woman of hypochondriac fame- that I have written about here before.  I (gladly by the way) have not gotten a phone call from her in months.  I figure that if they don’t feel they need to call or answer/return my phone calls during the holidays then I have no obligation to call them on what they consider to be their “special days” such as their anniversary (effectively being the day that my life went down the crapper for the following seven years).  I know the only reason they would call is if they wanted something from me (in her case asking what meds I’ve been put on and what tests are being done).  Speaking of wanting something….

The Nerve

My uncle, my father’s brother, has called my Grandma after 20 YEARS of not speaking to us (the only one he actually talks to is my Dad).  Just out of the blue for no apparent reason…

Until the end of the phone call.  He suggested that we now sell our hefty piece of property in Brooklyn.  The man is dumb as rocks when it comes to money and management- which is part of the reason he decided that he and his family would cut off all communication with not only my grandmother but with my older brother and myself.  What us kids (at the time I was six and he was seven) ever did to deserve that is a mystery.

I should say that the memories I have of my uncle are happy ones.  Birthdays, holidays, weekends going to the Bronx where their duplex was located.  I remember that we thought the basement to be a creepy space with scary things in every corner- then sliding down the stairs on a comforter and our hineys- being completely terrified once we reached the bottom (we didn’t turn on the light cause that just ruined all the fun don’t ya know!). Anyway, back to the story…

We used to own not only the said property but an 8 family brick apartment building not too far from the big property.  My uncle insisted that he manage that and so my Grandma (wanting to give him the responsiblity as well as the income that could be generated from managing) said ok. The man collected rent every month on time, but he never paid property taxes or kept up with the maintence requests of the tenents. The city of New York seized the property.

After that he asked my Grandma to take over management of our top floor- which at the time was a boxing and weightlifiting gym.  Naturally my Grandma said no and from that point on he had some sort of vendetta.  He even took her to court (which he of course lost) and after the ruling not in favor of himself he had a huge yelling match and walked out of our lives- taking our cousins with him.  Even when my Grandmother’s sister died he refused to come to the viewing, to the funeral even.  Our family came from as far as Germany (stationed there with the Air Force) withing 48 hours of finding out our Aunt passed (my family jumped into our van within two hours of finding out and drove up the east coast inside 26 hours).  The man (my uncle) lives in the city- is a cop for cryin out loud- and didn’t have the decency to even send flowers.  He hurt not only my Grandmother but our whole family.  Everyone was asking where he was, calling him, pleading with him to bury the hachet and come, and still he stayed away.  This is the point where everyone but my father stopped trying to contact him.  This is the point where he was written out of my Grandma’s will (it will be an interesting day indeed when he expects to get something and he gets nothing).

I am telling this because I want to show that this really is a call out of the blue and that there is no reason why I or my Grandma trust this stranger who used to be her son and my uncle.

We (my grandma and I) tried to sell this particular piece of property when the market was high- and we recieved a multi-million dollar offer for it (not only is the land and the building worth quite a bit but there is also the bonus of  being on Universal Stuido’s location scout list–they have filmed scenes of two movies on the property).   My uncle and father decided they didnt’ want to sell.  Now though, that the market is really low and the price would be no where near what we were offered in the past- they want to.  I suspect that my uncle is making the suggestiong because my dad needs money to pay the medical bills of his wife.  They have insurance indeed-very good insurance;however, they have refused to cover any more of her appointments and tests unless they can show it to be absolutely necessary.  My dad has already asked my Grandma and she has told him no.  My guess is that they think she will be so happy to hear from my uncle that she would be willing to sell.

Little do they know that there will be no selling of the building while my Grandma is alive and then after that it is up to ME if we sell or not.  I swear- these people keep on providing reasons for me to not care if I talk to them or have anything to do with them.  All they care about is what they can get out of people.  They suck people dry and then toss them aside until they feel the need to try and suck them dry again.


Good things have been happening too!  My brother in law is going to be joining the Army!  He was supposed to have signed up on Friday but his dad made a big to do about it.  BIL doesn’t want to make his dad angry- but really (I pointed out) BIL is a man now.  A man who is about to become a Daddy in just a few months.  He needs to start thinking of himself and his family.  About providing for them and not worrying about his dad being mad at him.  FIL wants BIL to join the Navy.  No offense to the Navy but when a guy is 6’6″ being confined to a bunk for six months (at the least)  things are not going to be comfortable.  Also, if he joins the Army the Hubbs can give all kinds of support and we may even get posted together.  Hopefully he signs up soon so that he can be out of basic when Jaelyn is born.   I would hate for him to miss that.


I am going to Puerto Rico this summer!  I am very excited because the last time I went was in Aug of 2006 and that visit was cut short because my husband got deployment orders. I am going with my Mom, Sister, Grandma, GGma and Great Uncle (Im sure I have mentioned that here already but like I said- EXCITED).  My niece was supposed to go with us but now there are second thoughts.  I suggested that SIL could come along with us if they saved some money but that didn’t go over well (money, to my brother and his wife, is like water).  I am hoping that my suggestion of Azuriah coming home with me might change their minds (I am only staying half as long as my sister and mom).  They are thinking about it.


My sister might be getting a job as a club promoter.  I must say that I am not into the club scene and the enviroment around it- but my sister is very much into it (as in most every night she goes out).  It isn’t the best job for her skill set but at least she is going to get a job.  Right now she is living at home and not going to school.  The bargain my Big Daddy has made with my younger siblings is that if they want to stay in the house they must either go to school or get a job.  My youngest bro is working (he dropped out of school this semester) but my middle brother and sister aren’t (neither is my sister in law but I’ll expand on my feelings about that in the next section). She is supposed to have  a lunch meeting today so I am waiting to hear from her.

This is certainly long enough for now.  I’ll save the Bro/SIL story for vol.2

Here’s AZ!!

Why am I in this seat?

Why am I in this seat?

I know Im Beautiful- Take  Picture

I know I'm Beautiful- Take a Picture

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