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Things Can’t Be Easy

March 5, 2009

It took two hours and four different phone numbers to schedule an appointment in radiology.

None of those numbers was the one I was given when I made my followup appointment.

The first available appointment?

On a Sunday- in the middle of April.

April- the month that was supposed to be our first trying again with the meds and he’s going to Kentucky for training for the entire month.

Yeah.  It couldn’t be easy way back when so why should I reasonably expect it to be any different.

In spite of the fact I won’t have the u/s done (ohh did I mention that I have to go to the maternity ward to do so?  yup right in between the OB’s waiting room and the lab–yay- fun-sigh) I did make my appointment with my GYN on what should be CD2.  This is where my I get the results from my baselines, the pap and my Clomid Rx (hopefully).  One never knows when the military will change its mind so I figure it is best to be prepared.

I am thinking I want to watch a movie but I don’t know even what kind I want to see.

The good thing is that the day after the Hubbs flies away I will be going to my Mom’s and spending time with my niece — WOO HOO. (I have a great pic of her chubby tummy that I’ll have to post later since I don’t have my phone pics uploaded).

But my sister is going to come back home and chill with me for a couple of weeks too.  There isnt much to do here but I figure when she wants to go home we can just drive back and then I’ll come back down when the Hubbs is supposed to be home.

At least it’ll (or should) take my mind off things.

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