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Post 469

February 21, 2009

Just a warning.  This might be a bit random.  I just want to ramble on.

I am watching Gone with the Wind on TCM.  I love this movie and it doesn’t matter that I have a copy of the movie in my collection.  I do the same thing with any of the Jane Austen movies.  If its on I will watch it.

I sooo need a pedicure.  I think that I will use some of this tax rebate money (thanks solely to the interest paid to my student loans) to get myself one. Really, my feet are quite shameful!  I will have to wait though because I cut the underside of one of my toes.  My cutiepie puppy decided that he liked one of my wedges and chewed the heel to a sharp point- and then left it in the pathway.  So Iwake up and still half asleep I walk and BAM! my toe was bleeding.  Its healing up nicely but not quite enough for a pedi.

I was also thinking about getting my nails done but I realized how fruitless that would be.  Keeping them up would be wonderful but right now I am trying to get our debt under control and I don’t think that I should.  Besides.. I’d rather save the money and get a good skein of  yarn (cashmere, merino, alpaca, etc).  That would last longer than getting my nails done.  The down side though is that I hate when my hands are ugly.  My nails grow but then they break and I get annoyed and have to cut them down.  Really, my one vanity army hands, which really is very foolish as they’ll never be as pretty as I want them to be.  All well.

I am going to be trying a supplement to help me lose the weight that my medications have put on my frame.  Things are a bit difficult with exercise since my condition (or part of my condition) affects my muscles. Soreness added to chronic pain isn’t exactly condusive to exercise.  I am not going to name it here because I want to first see if it will work.  My doc said that it shouldn’t interfere with my meds and may even help with the fibro.  If that happens.. then it will be so nice.

Im so tired right now. I think that I am going to go take a nap.

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