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Verbal Vomit

February 6, 2009

Sweet Mother of God.

Things have been crazy- once again. Sometimes I think that my life is just a string of nothingness but then I look back and realize that crazy stuff happens in my life.

Good news is that my niece is doing well, feeding well and breathing well and having a generally good time being spoiled by everyone. I’ll put a new picture of her at the bottom of this post.

My uncle passed last week.  He was buried Monday and I couldn’t make it.  We weren’t particularly close but still- I can’t even imagine going home and not having him there. I think its a closure issue.  He was an absolute blast even though he wasn’t always great with the life choices.

I think that my acupuncture has reached a plateau.  Not that it isn’t working but the goal was to go at least a couple of months between treatments and I’ve kind of stalled out at three and half weeks.  Tricare is on the chopping block in congress– Item 96.  Reducing the coverage to “discourage” going to the doctor “for any reason”.   Its almost needless to say that I am paying alot of attention to what is going on with the budget proposals.

Because my doctor has told me that I actually need to pay attention to my heart until more blood panels come back and we have our appointment at the end of the month- I am noticing that I have alot of “racing” episodes.  How did I not notice before?  I think that I might have but just figured that is what was normal.  Finding out it isn’t definitely isn’t easing my mind. I have taken to noting particularly unusual (for me) episodes and what I was doing or thinking before I started to feel that way.  I am hoping that they can figure out how to fix it- to control it so that it is one less thing that I have to worry about.  What would be better is if it is nothing but a minor inconvience.

I haven’t talked to my dad since before the holidays.  I guess the man has decided that his wife is more important than his daughter- which is fine.   I didn’t give him an ultimatium but I have a feeling that she has.  He hasn’t spoken to my Grandmother (his mom) or my brother either.  Seems like he is doing the same thing his brother did about 20 years ago.  We have issues that he refuses to acknowlege- but I still call and what not on important dates.  He didn’t answer or return my phone calls.  Interesting.

The military is screwing with me.  I swear.  I know the world doesn’t revolve around me but it seems that everytime I plan something major they decide to send my husband somewhere.  Back in 2006 I saved for a year so that I could spend a month in Puerto Rico with my family there.  Two weeks into my vacay and he gets told that he is deploying within the week.  You know it cost me more money for a one way flight than for the original round trip ticket?  It is true. More recently I was going back to Jacksonville for my brothers graduation and they decide that they will have field exercises.  They canceled our leave for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Right now they say that possibly his battalion or another one are going (and no one seems to know which one) but they are putting both through the pre-deployment check lists.  BLeh.

I think I mentioned that the one “friend” I thought I had here dropped me without any particular reason why.  I am admittedly still reeling from that one.  I am friendless here and its not great. I think that may be why (or contributing to) I am feeling a little low.   I should say that I am not “Friendless” because I do have great friends.  Its just that none of them live within a days drive.

I need something that I can throw myself into– that I can do without dependable transportation.  I just don’t know what.  Im so lathargic— SIGH

She's Got a Secret...

She's Got a Secret...

Sleepy Lil Baby

Sleepy Lil Baby

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