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Just When You Think the Plate is Full…

January 19, 2009

Things have been kinda nuts and so while I have thought plenty about writting here, I have obviously not done so.

Where to start?

How about with my wonderfully beautiful niece?  She is doing really well!  Her stomach tube is out, her stitches should come out soon, she had her first feeding of breast milk yesterday and took it really well.  She is moving closer and closer to the door- which for NICU is a really good thing.  I will post a pic of her at the bottom of this post.  If you want to see you can skip down and ignore my rambling.  It really is alright- I don’t mind one bit.

Health wise-

I am good as far as my Lupus testing goes, so I go back to the vampire (AKA the folks who draw blood) for my next set of panels in March.  The hormone testing- not so good.  I had another draw for expanded testing and I go back in Feb for the results.  Nice, right?  She may be referring me to a counselor/therapist during my next visit as well as looking over my charts to see my cycle patterns- which means I have to chart.  I have certainly fallen out of the habit and so my charts are a bit non-existent.   The therapist because (to put it very mildly) I am having libido issues.  If that wasn’t enough to deal with (like I don’t have enough on my plate) I find out that I have heart issues.  Apparently, my heart-rate doesn’t act like it should.  Nice, huh?  When I breathe in my heart-rate drops-but as soon as I exhale it races instead of falling into a normal rhythm. I think she called “Sinus tachycardia” specifically but generally it is an arrhythmia.  Thing is: I don’t feel it.  Figures right?  She went back through my visitation history and what she saw concerned her so then she used the stethoscope to check and from there I got sent for an EKG and… well.. the rest really doesn’t need to be said.  She asked me if there was any history of heart issues in my family and then we’d talk more about it at my next appointment.  Basically, right now I just have to be aware and should I have any consistent chest pain then I am to go right into the ER to make sure all is well.

So I call my Grandma to ask and sure enough- high blood pressure is a big issue in that side of my family. My great grandma passed rather suddenly due to heart issues.  Normally (said the doc speaking to me who can’t seem to live by the definition of normal) this issue wouldn’t be an issue but I think if there are heart issues that are genetic then I am most definitely have to do something about it.   I just don’t know what.

One thing after another.  No wonder we aren’t parents yet.

I know, irrational statement but with what keeps getting piled on my plate it doesn’t seem as though there is anyway I am going to have that honor.

Eh… here’s a great pic of my niece from a couple of days ago.  It makes me smile.

My Niece!!

My Niece!!

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  1. January 20, 2009 12:51 pm

    She’s beautiful! Must take after her aunt. And I am sorry to hear of all the health issues.

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