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A Great Update with a Rant

January 9, 2009

First things first:  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  Azuriah (pronounced: Az-OO-Rah) is doing absolutely WONDERFUL.  She had her surgery and they were able to do everything in one so they won’t have to put her under the knife again.  She is still in NICU but in an open bassinet in her own room. She is about five weeks premature but they say the longest she is going to have to stay would be 14 days — which of course means that if she continues to do well she could come home before then. She looks just like my brother but has her mom’s eyes and hands.  It is needless to say we are all very much in love with her.

Ok, now to what is truly pissing me off.  My sister in laws mom is there as well and is tickin everyone off.  First, she’s trying to get my Sister in  law to change Azuriah’s name to “Celeste Irene”!  The audacity of that woman! This is the woman who told her daughter that she didn’t want to see her again until she got an abortion! This woman kicked my sister in law out of the house- forcing her to get a motel room until my mom could go get her (and all of us pitched in money to rent the car to go get her) in Austin.  The drive from Lubbock to Austin is a long and boring one. This is the woman who has bad mouthed our entire family but smiled while she was with us.  Our family is the one that has supported and provided every kind of help to my Sister in law during the pregnancy.  We threw her a baby shower when her own mother and sister didn’t even mention that one would be given for her.

This woman waited until my brother came home for a shower, a change and a nap- and then informed the NICU that only my mom, dad and herself  were allowed in to see Azuriah (or rather “Celeste” because she refuses to call her by her given name). My sister in law is still pretty foggy from the surgery (the anesthetics really are hittin her hard) and when my brother told her about this restriction she was upset (they are of course going to amend it-but still).  SIL doesn’t even remember them coming in to ask her about who would be able to go in and sit.   When SIL asked her mom you know what the woman said?   “Well your brother and sister can’t see Celeste”.  UMMM, totally not our fault that they didn’t come.

This woman also informed (Note the word informed- she didn’t ask) us that
“Celeste” would be spending a month with them in Austin and they were taking her to see the family in LA!  She is such a freakin…. pill.

We (SIL included) are very much looking forward to her departure on Monday. In fact, we are hoping that the presence of five dogs will urge her to depart sooner.

I can’t believe she is trying to EXCLUDE my siblings and myself from seeing and holding Azuriah!  I can’t even begin to express a fraction of the anger I feel for this woman.  From the point she was informed of the pregnancy she has had minimal contact.  Even during the wedding she was reluctant to even acknowledge that SIL was pregnant.  She had no intention to throw a shower for her daughter and when we took up the task she chose to have nothing to do with it (we asked her what she wanted to do so that we could plan around it).  For Christmas she told SIL that she would  come and didn’t even have the courtesy to show up.  Yet, she is all of a sudden all about her daughter and granddaughter?!

I am sooo angry I am shaking.  I really want to give that woman a piece of my mind!  I reallly want to physically hurt the woman (a sentiment felt by the rest of the immediate family- even my laid back little bro).  That she would go behind everyone’s back…..UUUUUHHHHHH!

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  1. deltapurl permalink
    January 9, 2009 7:45 pm

    That is just plain madness

  2. January 11, 2009 9:25 am

    What a friggin piece of work!! If I were your SIL I’d be kicking her out, no lie. Piece of ^@##%@#. How dare she.

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