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Here We Go Again

December 23, 2008

So, Im back from the doctors and here we go again. I got quite the number of vials of blood taken for both my last lupus testing of this year and to check hormones.

I go back in three weeks to discuss results as well as to begin treatment for what ever is going on with my cycle.

The Doc gave me ONE thing to determine before our meeting. The choice of do we want children or don’t we.

Ah, what a lovely question. We’d love children but can’t seem to conceive or adopt any. The question then begs to be if we leave the option (therefore the hope) open or if we just shut the door.

Interesting situation huh? Right at the beginning of the new year.

Eh Eh—- bleh

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  1. December 24, 2008 10:27 am

    if only the decision could be made in a few short weeks. And if only we could truly stand behind such decisions and never change our minds.
    I am so sorry about this entire suckfest you have endured lately.

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