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It is Crazy

December 20, 2008

Oh dear

I ventured out today to run some errands.  Necessary things like the food for the dogs, food for the hubby, etc etc.  I added a couple of stops- Michael’s for stitch markers and parchment. Then over to Best Buy to get the Hubbs a Christmas present since I felt bad that he wasn’t getting anything up to that point.

It isn’t his fault that Im all Bah humbug…I actually got him two things–but until he gets into the car he won’t know what is the second gift

Its crazy out there! But I must say- not as crazy as I have seen in the past. Of course, I didn’t go anywhere the mall.

And on a separate note: I think my one ‘friend’  here has dropped me.  I say “think” because it could very well be life getting in the way of things.  I know that there is one particular issue that could very well be inhibiting communication.  I could very well just be paranoid.  Who wouldn’t be in my shoes?  Must admit that it has been a pretty crappy month.

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