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Tax Plan Effects

October 12, 2008

I found this ultra cool widget through one of my boards on Ravelry.  It certainly came in handy when my Grandma called asking about what she should do about her retirement money– she’ll be 70 in a year and half. Basically I told her to wait until after the elections and then she’ll have from Nov to January to decide what the best (and least financially draining) options are.  It is safe to say that the taxplans of both candidates are so different that it is pretty wise to wait and see what happens with the elections and the market over the next few months.   It would be so sad if she pulled all that at a low value and lose so much of the money she worked sooo hard for over the last 50 or so years (she’s still working full time at this point).  Anyway… I wanted to share it with everyone… anyone who still visits my poor neglected blog.

Since I can’t seem to get the widget to work on this blog… Im gonna give you guys and gals the link 🙂

Americans for Tax Reform

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