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No Politico

September 20, 2008

So this post is soo non politics!  Sorry for all the posts this week being in that vein but it pretty much reflects what I am up to lately.  The hubbs says that I should reverse my posting and like “collect” info during the week and  make the one post.  Could you imagine how long that would be?!  Plus, I like having my initial reactions to thing recorded. It makes it more authentic.  I mean, this is my blog, not for any reason but how I feel, how I view the world, etc etc. It would be doing a disservice.

Anywho! Moving right along.

I didn’t say this in my last personal posting but my big Daddy had to quit his driving job because of complications with his diabetes.  Apparently he was having swelling issues.  I wish my mom would call and tell me while these things happen instead of afterward. I know he would rather I not worry, but DANG I feel out of the loop! Anyway, apparently he was in the hospital for a couple of days because the swelling was accompanied by back pain- in the area of the kidneys.  They (the doctors) said that his kidney function had dropped to 15%.  He is now eligible to be put on a kidney donor list.  First though we kids get tested to see if any of us are matches.  So I’m waiting on a phone call since I have to do the testing up there.  It worries me because he’s already had so much happen in the last four years.  Three weeks before our wedding he had a heart attack and ended up with emergency by-pass surgery.  About a year before that he had back surgery.

My brother (the one who just got married) is having adjusting issues with being married.  I told him that it happens to everyone, even those who have lived together for  awhile. The relationship has changed and things take on a wholely different significance.  It is probably harder for them since they are getting ready for  a baby as well. Speaking of which, they went in for the gender scan and would you believe that child is already as stubborn as my brother.  He/She kept moving around so they couldn’t get a picture.  The baby ended up in a breech position so no go on the gender.  They are going to try again next week.

Monday is the first day of Autumn!!!  YAY.  Here the weather has been good though I suspect Indian summer is going to be alot like last year. It was very cool in the mornings and by mid-day it was HOT.  Both extremes.  I think monday I am going to pull out my autumn decorations.  I have been looking at the living room decor and I am thinking of getting burnt orange accessories (yeah, right like we can afford it- but a gal can dream right?).

The other day I realized it was September (DUH Right?).  Anyway, next month will be a full year since we stopped trying to have a baby.  I can sort of feel the build up but right now it is eqvilant to the throb of a stubbed toe.  There isn’t quite enough for me to put into words.  I don’t know if it is relief, sadness, frustration, indifference.  As that milestone comes I am sure that things will come into more of a focus.

My friend, the one who’s baby girl isn’t expected to live past birth, was due on Wednesday 17 Sept.  Would you believe this child does not want to come out.  I suspect that even with the diagnosis that maybe little Chloe Morgan may know what is going to happen- that she won’t survive long after she’s left mommy’s womb.  Candace was telling me about the dvd they have of all of all of Chloe’s ultra sounds.  Our friend (and former Sunday School teacher) Kim works as a U/S tech and so has gotten permission for weekly U/S for Candace for free!  Given the situation of course.  Anyway, she was telling me that they only have room for one more U/S until they can’t fit anymore on the DVD. Im so glad that they did that for her- so she can have those memories.  Tuesday night, I had that anxious feeling.  Deep in my gut just thinking that Candace was due, which meant that she was about to suffer the greatest loss a mother can ever have.  The same was true on Wednesday- I had my phone with me and didn’t turn it off. I explained to my doctors that should the phone ring I would absolutely have to answer it.   At around 6 Candace called and told me that they rescheduled her for next Tuesday since she wasn’t showing any signs of labor besides some erratic and very spaced out mild contractions.  They are giving her as much time with Chloe as her body will allow.

It bothers me soo much that I won’t be able to be there…it hurts my heart…

Im gonna go and work on a shawl that I am knitting up for my sister in law.

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