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Oh My, What a Day

July 30, 2008

I tell ya what ladies and gents-  I have had quite the day.  I had to get up early because I had a webinar for my internet business course at nine.  Yeah, I know… nine is normal wake up time for people, but that is  early for me.  Let me clarify .. I was up at seven because I do need to take care of the dogs, and get myself fed.

Anyway, that went well and I learned quite a bit… including the fact that somehow I missed that there was another one scheduled for tomorrow morning as well as one tomorrow night so I need to get myself registered (yeah I say that while I am typing this instead of registering–I’ll do it when Im finished).  I had to drive to Las Cruces, NM for my follow-up appointment with the neurologist and to get the results from my MRI that I had done last week (let me just say…an MRI machine is a great place to take a nap if you aren’t claustrophobic).  So good news is that i don’t have MS (it would have been nice if he had told me he was lookin for it- but whatever), no tumors or any other abnormalities.  Bad news is that there isn’t an explanation for the shaking episode or for the random numbness in my feet or legs.  The Doc said that it must be attributed to the fibromyalgia because (once  again) the pain in my head (my headaches) isn’t enough to diagnose as migraines- apparently because I don’t have nausea and vomiting.  I would think that it could be classified as something instead of just getting thrown into the “fibro pool”. You know what?  If they would do the tests when I am feeling poorly then maybe something will show up on the tests.  Instead I have to wait weeks for an appointment, by which time I am not as bad off.  Such a pain-literally as well as phycially.  As a side-note: the headache that had already for about two hours before the appointment (which was at 3:15 Mountain) is still quite persistent at 11:21pm.

Moving right along:  It takes about an hour to get from where we live to Las Cruces so I left the house at two o’clock. I’m on my merry boring way to the transmountain pass.  This is the short way of getting to L.C. and wouldn’t you know it- the pass was closed.   This means that I had to drive around the mountain….which really threw off my timing.  I had thought in my head as I was getting ready to leave that maybe I should hurry it up, but I had tuned the radio so I could see.. and wouldn’t ya know– no mention of the pass being closed until I made the turn for the detour!  So I called the office and some guy answered (not the doctor as his voice is very decidedly baritone) and he tells me that if I can get there by  3:30 it would be alright.  How is it that when you really need to get somewhere you get grandpa slow pants in the fast lane and semi’s in the slow?

I did get to the office with five minutes to spare and the person answering the phone is the same lady as always- so the person I spoke with on the phone is still a mystery.  I already told you guys what happened in the main part of the appointment.  I did forget to mention that he wants to take me off lyrica and put me on cymbalta?? I told him that my Internal Medicine doc wanted me to stay on it after my trial was over (which was last week) and that I would be going to physical medicine to do acupuncture. It didn’t seem to matter much to him  and I have to go see him after my first appointment.  I swear these doctors!

So my treat to myself for driving all the way to L.C. is a trip to Unravel (my fav LYS- Local Yarn Shop).  I went and got more gorgeous silk ribbon (it was on sale 30% off) and to look at what I could find as far as little boy patterns go.  I don’t know if I mentioned it here (but I am pretty sure that I did) but I am going to be an Auntie to a nephew (I phrase it “We’re going to have a nephew”).  I was really kind of hoping for a niece but there is plenty of time for that in the future.  Anyway, as far as patterns go, the majority are really cute things for girls so I really needed help in “opening my eyes” to things that would be good for boys and the ladies in the shop helped me quite a bit.  I had (I think) three pattern books and four binders of loose patterns.  It took me quite some time to choose which book I wanted and when I did I was excited about making boy stuff (a pattern that I really wanted was a kimono type wrap for newborns!).  I could only get those things-the ribbon and the book- because we really are tight on the dough.  That whole thing really is a separate post for another day.  For now, lets just say that I am really glad I beefed up my stash these last few visits or I would be hurtin.  It did almost kill me though to walk out with no yarn (and it surprised the ladies as well).

At this point I am ready to drive home but realize that if I want any substance to my dinner (tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich) I needed to actually get bread.  And since my Hubby neglected to tell me that he’d used the last of both the cream and sugar I needed to get that as well.  This meant that I would have to drive to the post- making my trip home far longer (and I was already quite tired by this point).  Everything at the commissary was actually quite nice.  At this point in the pay period there aren’t any major family gatherings because payday hasn’t come yet so it was uneventful and a quick trip.

I get home, change my clothes, let the dogs out and feed them their supper.  I open up my laptop and get all ready to go through my routine (email, lessons, boards, etc) and come to find out that for whatever reason my keyboard isn’t working!!  Well I can’t have that!  I have lessons to do and I need a working keyboard to do so.  I am hoping that its just some sort of glitch.  Its like 8 by this point and I was doubtful that Best Buy was open.  I was not–and I really mean NOT– looking forward to going back out into the traffic.  So I decided that maybe Wal-Mart would have a keyboard that I could plug into a laptop (USB connection) and wouldn’t you know that they don’t?  I did though come away with some cute dresses that I can wear during the day.  They are made of tee-shirt material so they are really comfy, but if I wear them with nice shoes then it works too.  Since I’ve been on Lyrica, I’ve gained 15.5 lbs (that would be in six weeks ladies).  It is almost needless to say that this has had a major impact on my body image as most of my pants just don’t fit anymore, hence the buying of the dresses (as well as some “work out” DVD’s–but they are dancing so that I find interest in it–now I just have to get motivated- more on that in a different post!).  Anyway back to the subject at hand, it was 8:30 by the time I got out of Wally World.  Best Buy is just on the other side of the Loop but wouldn’t you know the road (Zaragosa if you want to know) was not moving. If by any chance Best Buy was still open there was no assurance that it would take me less than thirty minutes so I took the other way….the side road that goes in the opposite direction.  Much faster (as in 5 minutes).  I walked into the store with a good 20 minutes before closing and got this handy keyboard that I am using at this moment and the Rodgers & Hammerstein boxed collection jumped into my bag somehow.
Ok this is entirely too long and I am kind of tired, (it is 1:20 in the morning after all).

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