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Good things with a Request

July 25, 2008

So I meant to type all this out last night but I was really tired.  Anyways, my appointment with internal medicine went well and she released me to physical medicine where I will be getting some alternative treatment!  I am too excited about doing acupuncture!  I know they can place different needles in different places and my Internal Med doc said that she has sent a few of her fibro patients there and they all are having great results.  The Lyrica trial has gone well so she is keeping me on that and hoping the acu. will take care of the major, consistant, act-like-I-don’t-take-any-meds pains in hands, wrists and feet.  That is August 20th so I have a few weeks before I’ll write up anything about that.  The only thing is that I want to make sure that what he does don’t jack up my already not-so-hot fertility.  If it makes it better-  well then thats just a bonus.  I looked into acu when when we were in Ga but Tri-care didn’t approve it.  I am guessing that since here it is listed as “physical medicine” and is actually located inside the hospital that its alright.

Im very excited because I got a box of goodies today:

McCain Swap Gift

McCain Swap Gift

The hubbs almost ran me over to get to the chocolate but I still have quite a bit left so its alright.  And you see those balls of yarn?  OHH two Cashmere from Peru and one silk…. I must find the right project for these!  It can’t be something ordinary.. Hummm.

The request that I have for you all who read this blog:

I have blogged before on how I am taking a course in internet marketing (at least I think I’ve mentioned it-I could very well be wrong).  So my assignment last week was to start a blog (which I am very well established here I believe) and focus on the group that you want to target.  So I looked for Infertility related product, then looked at general conception and I realized something.  I had an epiphany so to speak.

I want my business to be woman centric.  By that I mean I want to provide products and services that women want (and need) as women- Not as Mom, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Employee, Boss, etc.  Things that are just for us.   SOOOOO.. here’s where you all –my wonderful readers— come in.

What would you like to see if you clicked into a store just for women online?  What kinds of products, services etc?

I’d love any input.  I gotta go for now– class is about to start.  Thanks in advance for your ideas.

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  1. July 26, 2008 10:44 pm

    Love your blog and this picture of goodies is amazing! I’m intrigued by the silk yarn. That would be fun to work with! I think your idea of a woman centric biz is great. I’d like to see quality, unique products or services that are personal and special. For example, a cute top knitted out of violet, silk yarn would catch my eye, especially if there was a story about the knitter…

  2. July 27, 2008 11:53 am

    Wow! Where did you get your goodies? That would send me into spasms of ecstasy! haha. I think you are going to love acu. Just tell them about your IF. They should definitely be sensitive to your whole being. I miss my TCM practitioner terribly.

    As for the business… Your goodie box is something that caught my eye. For me, it’s anything that is scrumptious like that… A good read, an all natural herbal, soothing bubble bath, beautiful yarn, outdoors equipment for women, stuff like that. Anything that empowers me as a woman and also nurtures me. You should ask if this post can be put on the Lost and Found! You’d probably get some very good answers.

    I guess in the end, I’m most interested in a good read, crafts, personal products (bubble bath, lotions etc), chocolates, healthy eating and supplements and outdoorsy stuff for women.

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