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Just a Bit Of Sharing

July 19, 2008

So I mentioned in my last post that I would put up pictures of the little christening dress I am making for what I hope to be my niece (if she-soon to be SIL- has a boy then I’ll just have something cute to gift someone else).

I also mentioned that I would put up some pictures of where I am at.  Even at this point-  it must admit that it is really really cute.

So here is the front. The bodice is finished and Im working my way down the skirt:

Front Bodice

Front Bodice

And here is the back. I have to do the buttons and things but not until Im finished with the body:

Back Bodice

Back Bodice

Where you see the eyelets a ribbon goes through.  I am thinking Lavender would be so pretty!!

and as a bonus (pardon the fuzziness of the picture, I’ll try and get another picture) here is the blanket and hat I made for one of my best friends- whose baby boy, Dustin, was born 13 days early and will get it late…but thats better than never right!

For Dustin B.

For Dustin B.

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