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Taking It Seriously

July 18, 2008

So, I am going to modify the name of this blog. Why isn’t it changed already? Simply because I want to put up something different as well but I don’t know anything about CSS so I am trying to figure out what all that is about so that I can do the change. I am so friggin clueless when it comes to any kind of web design.  Sad huh?

You may notice a new widget over in my sidebar. I am going to be changing that out a few times a week. What is it? Well, its from my online store “The Corner Bazaar“.  I add things on a regular basis and this way if something catches your eye then it will link directly to the item. Let me be honest here for a second.  Some of the items I am so lusting after.  There is this absolutely gorgeous chocolate and blue cloth wallet that I have my eye on.  HUMMM.

I also have signed up for a marketing class specifically directed to the internet environment and the best ways to determine product trends and such.  Its a six month course which starts in a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to it.  Its the closest I’ve gotten to proper education in four years or so. Let me tell you– if I could get paid to go to school that would be the perfect situation.

My soon to be SIL and brother are going tomorrow for her first U/S since she has really no idea how far along she actually is at this point.  She said that she would email me the picture.  I am determined to bear this whole thing with the least amount of irritation.  I am so dedicated to this particular goal of mine that I have already started (and half way done with) a christening set for a girl.  Then I’ll do one for a boy so that I am prepared for either contingency.   I have many many patterns to help me in this endeavor and since I am moving this blog toward a more general tendency I’ll actually start posting pictures of what I am getting accomplished.  We’ll see how that works.

In terms of seriousness, mine has finally come to fruition. Back in October 07 I shared that I had gone on strike.  To brief those of you  who don’t want to read my rant: I told the Hubbs that if he can’t help me keep the house clean then I was going to stop cleaning up after him.  This included his laundry (he does the whole put it on, take it off, throw it on the floor etc).  So after nine months of me standing firm I am proud to report that all of his clothes are now clean. It took him a week of leave to get it all done.  It is yet to be seen if he’ll keep up with things.  I certainly don’t intend to inform the man that I’ll eventually get back to how it used to be.  To do that would negate 9 months worth of waiting.

On fertility news there really isn’t any.  I haven’t temped for more than a month, I stopped taking my suppliments and it appears as though my O date is taking a long leisurely stroll back into the 20’s.  I care just because it makes thing more complicated in general but I’ve tried to not focus on it.  I guess thats why I decided that I should put my efforts into something that might bring me something other than heartache. I must say though that I am really trying to “desensitize” myself to the fertile world.  I watch those awful shows and cry my tear-hoping to exhaust my so that when it comes to actually interacting with them.

I’m  not doing well with it if I am going to be completely honest about things.  I caught myself the other day.  I’d never realized that I can’t look someone who is pregnant in the eye.  I end up walking quicker and with my head down.  At least now that I have realized it I can take measures to keep my head high and not end up having to go back for whatever I happened to need in the aisle.

On Saturday we avoided a baby shower for one of his co-workers.  I don’t feel too badly about that since I’ve only met the wife like twice while at their house and she just completely ignored me.  Ah such is life I suppose.  I decided to make her a blanket.  Their baby was born on Sunday and they asked the Hubbs when I would be by….I am thinking that isn’t goin to happen.

I had alot more to say but since its late and my eyes are literally crossing I’ll have to end this right here >.

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