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July 8, 2008

That’s a rather odd choice for the title of a blog right?  For some reason (I don’t know what) “words” have been in my head.  Not as individual words like ouch but words as a collective and their importance.

I suppose I should begin this at the point where I actually noticed Word (typed in the upper-case to distinguish it from the general usage of “word’) coming to the front of my mind as there was a discussion in my McCain Ravelry group about a certain well known woman in the knitting world and a post that she made on her blog about Canada day that the original poster found to be disparaging of the United States.  So (as many of us understand when dealing with the world outside of infertility) she came into the board to vent a bit.  A few outsiders then decided that the group (my group for clarification) was wrong in our thinking- small minded, petty, raging conservatives (yeah, who knew the yarn world could be so hostile? Watch out for those needles folks!).  The original poster did not even name the author of the blog in question and made sure not to make any personal remarks (which is the wisest thing in my opinion).  She stuck to how this particular post made her feel and rather than stir the pot and post on the blog she came to where she felt safe.

Interesting that in this day and age our lives are so affected (for better or for worse) by people we don’t even know.  We could pass them in the street and not know who they were and yet know so much about them that people in visual life (as opposed to real life because in my view the Internet does not constitute a fake life or fake friends) wouldn’t even guess at- of course in terms of not only infertility but any board that makes any topic its central theme.   I think that many forget that their personalities mean nothing, their status in the world in which they work (be it corporate work or work in the home) is not a factor– simply you become to those in that environment the sum of your words. In a sense who you are in that moment is who you will be to others for much longer than that moment.

In this day and age the old saying *”Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”* is a down right fallacy.  Who can even find a stick to throw these days outside of a park? Words are the new bullets.  They injure the person on a level beyond the physical.  Words like *racist*, *intolerant*, *flip-flopper*  which are being used quite a bit these days with the U.S. Elections.  Where the IF world clashes with the rest of the world words like “bitter”, “finally”, “relax”, and others of that ilk are used and often pierces straight to the gut. Then there are words that inspire like *hero*, *you CAN*, etc.  Words that forge relationships because they are labels *Husband*, *Wife*, *Daughter*,  *son*, *Friend*, etc. Words that bind “*I do*”, “*I will*

Words are so important in this age of technology and it really is remarkable. Words reveal the ideas we want to get across–“I love you” for instance will cause flutters in the heart (at least they do to me) where as “I hate you” may cause a heart to break.  One word changes the entire idea.  Sometimes mere omission of an idea, a lack of words, can be poignant.  Staying on the same track as the previous example- I have never told my dads wife that I love her and the omission is recognized.

Words on the Internet amaze me in that the way people choose to use them.  To substitute one word for another.  Tone is so difficult to distinguish that our impressions of the person are strictly a product of what a person says and how another person then filters the words used- often filtered by their own personal emotions (and that can cause a problem as well.

I know my thoughts are rather disjointed but Im just trying to get this out of my head.  Day after day the thoughts of words have been just crowding my mind.  It certainly is an interesting issue to have- especially considering that there is so much else I would rather be throwing myself into but even with knitting it cuts in.

I just hope that the sum of my words represent who I am in the way that I view myself (if that makes sense)

I’d like this post to be a discussion because I’d love to know other peoples thoughts on this. Do you feel as though the words you have put out there into Internet land represent you as a whole or just a portion?  What words make you stop and wonder?  What words wound you? What words lift you up? 


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