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Keeping Busy (this is long)

July 5, 2008

Im just going to jump right in here with both feet and pullin everything into this post instead of making different posts on different blogs.  Its just plain laziness I tell ya!  At least I admit it right?

Anyway, I’ve noticed a trend lately in my sphere of the infertility world, and that is one of three things have/are happening: 1) Successful Pregnancy and birth (2) actively persuing ART’s or adoption and (3) removing themselves from the this world as much as they can.  I think that is just a really general kind of list as there are women who have not had successful pregnancies, who are starting all over again, etc.  I think I notice because these are women that walked the road with me and I’ve looked around and noticed that “HEY, where the heck did every one go”.  I assume though that it is natural to want to move on if it (being pregnancy resulting in a live child) doesn’t happen.  One can only handle the insanity so long right?  I am glad for those on each of those paths and only wish for the very best outcome.  It does make me a little bit sad though that maybe after setting aside IF if these wonderful women and myself may not remain “friends”?

I certainly hope that isn’t the case!

I have kind of almost fully withdrawn myself from the majority of the boards I used to frequent in relation to conception. I still read and keep up with those on my clicker list– but since most of those are adoption there is alot of waiting going on and with that waiting reading about the every day things that happen in life.  I haven’t made an announcement or anything since I do check the boards at least once a day- and should I see something I can contribute to I do. 

I have stepped away though with the addition of different things to my (our) life.  We got Chubby (who is 13 weeks today and currently sittin in my lap while I type) and so I’ve been busy getting him house broken (which hasn’t been very difficult thank the Lord).  I also started a couple stores online.  Yep, a couple as in two!  The first is The Corner Bazaar where there are cute CUTE things for children’s bedrooms and customizable sets.  The second store is Lorenzo’s Bazaar and that one is really the one I am focusing on.  As “bazaar” indicates it will hopefully have a wide range of items so that everyone finds at least one thing they need (or want).  I’ve worked on the Women’s Section, Pet Section, added some exercise videos (some of which I am particularly keen to try cause they look like fun: belly dancing, tap dancing, etc).  Just today I added a Baby section (suggestion of my Mama so that she could look at the price of travel systems) with quite a few different kinds of diaper bags for both guys and gals.  When I finish this I suppose that I will add the maternity clothing to the women’s section (hoping that won’t be difficult).  I am holding off on the Books section (though I did add a few different cookbooks in there if anyone wants to see) because I have a feeling that will take more than just a day to complete.  Same with general electronics (even though at the Corner Bazaar I have GPS systems in there-some of which have the Hubbs wanting).

Things on the health front are kind of frustrating as well.  The records department is once again at the very front of my irriations.  They (being tricare) refered me outside of the system to the neurologist, but somehow thought that the man wouldn’t need a copy of my recent test records.  So he called to request them and they told him that it would be easier if I went in and got the records sent to the office.  Sounds easy right?  But NOOO.  Let me tell you that they are only open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (unless there happens to be some sort of federal, local or training holiday on one of those days).  On those three days they are only open from 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon (and they take about an hour or so for lunch).  I went on Monday since I was over there anyway and got to the office at around 1:45 and they were already closed.  I tried again on Wednesday but no one was in the office.. so I tried to call and no one picked up the friggin phone.  The neurologist’s office keeps calling to find out about the test results because they need those before they can order up the MRI and I can’t get a hold of anyone in that office to get anything done.  And sure enough when I finally do get to it they’ll act like I am asking too much of them even though it is their job. 

As far as the Lyrica trial I am sort of in a quandary about it.  I certainly felt the side effects as I moved up in dosage but I’ve been on 300mg a day for about two weeks now and my body is past the side effects stage but now it doesnt feel as though it is doing anything.  Even in the last few days it seems as though I haven’t taken it at all!  The pain has been rather dreadful especially yesterday where my wrists, feet, ankles, back— it all hurt.  On the pain scale it was workin steady at about a 9.5.

We’ve gone a few movie dates the past couple of fridays!  Yesterday was really interesting.  We went to the movie theater and there was hardly anyone there!  On a FRIDAY night!  Anyway, we saw “Wanted” and I really liked the movie! The end was rather unexpected (but really kind of gratifying in a weird kind of way- refering to Angelina Jolie IRL and not her character in the film).  As much as I am jealous of Ms. Jolie ( I have to use the word “jealous” because I don’t really hate the woman, I just completely envy her ability to bear children as well as the resources to adopt and do ARTs- if the rumors are true) she did a wonderful job with her character “Fox” and she is gorgeous.  Last week we saw “Get Smart” and that was really very funny as well!  I totally expected it since Steve Carell (is that spelled right?  Im too lazy to go and check) is in it but the action was pretty good too (on HBO’s Inside Look they say that they did the stunts themselves.. which- if you’ve seen the move- is very impressive).  Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson was hilarious as well, more so than he was in Be Cool. 

On the fertility front-nothing is goin on there.

I am reading some interesting books in lieu of the elections coming up and I think I’ll comment on those later as I’d like more time to ponder.  Obama has certainly caused a stir but he’s not really impressed me at all as I’ve read through some of the things he said (an subsequently changed) in the recent past and his position on topics close to my heart.  I am learning about McCain and actually one of the books that I am reading was by a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine who rode the trail with McCain back in his 2000 bid for the Presidency.  Its called “McCain’s Promise” and it really is an interesting point of view and more so a rather informational look at what happens on the press side of elections behind the scenes (some of which are rather funny).  Its a good read and I’d recommend it to anyone.  I found it shoved between two large current event books at Barnes & Nobles.

Well, enough procrastinating for me.  I gotta get more things into the shop.  I would really appreciate any feedback you guys have if you decide to stop by and take a look into either one of the shops.



Happy Independence Weekend!!

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  1. July 5, 2008 7:57 pm

    I think you’ve done a great job with the stores. I was going through the women’s clothing racks 🙂 It’s very user-friendly and pretty.

  2. July 8, 2008 12:32 pm

    I noticed the same trend… I’m really sorry I had to bail on you but I just couldn’t take it any more. I was drowning. And I’m happy now. I’m honestly doubt I can be happy like this forever… but for now I am. And so I’m going with it. We’ll still be friends though – I’ll be reading your blog for many months to come!

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