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Still Workin My Way Down

June 27, 2008

Health Update: Stalling Out

Can I rant for a minute? 

Well I am about to so hold your horses.  I have been trying to go back to school for my bachelors since I graduated with my associates (that took me four years and five colleges to actually complete).  The year we got married I knew I would be screwed for 2005 as in addition to my husband’s income there was my income (which was quite a bit seeing as I was working three jobs).  In 2005 was the first year I didn’t work at all so it was just filing jointly with one income.  I thought for sure I would have a chance at getting the Pell Grant for the 2006 school year– but no I didn’t then either because we apparently still made too much money.  The 2006 year I helped my friend fill out her FAFSA and she ended up getting a full grant– al expenses paid to go to school.  The same school I was trying to attend.  Well that got my hopes all up because of several things: we both lived in the same apartment community (like five steps from my door to hers) and basically had the same expenses, both our husbands were of the same pay rank so we got paid the same (base pay, housing allowance and sustainance allowance).  So for the 2007 FAFSA I was excited and rearin to go but again… got nothing. 

You wanna know the ONLY difference in application?  She has a kid and I don’t.  When I asked the financial aid office about it they said to me that it was because she had a kid and I don’t. Isn’t that a nice slap in the face?

Anyway, so I get a phone call a couple weeks ago from my student advisor that there were some changes made to levels and such and that I should try again.  I also took into consideration that the difference in income from 2006 to 2007  was substantial (were talkin more than 13,000 less in gross income) that maybe this time I would qualify for some help.  Well nope. Apparently the Estimated Financial Contribution was about 6100.  I’d love to know who the heck came up with the magic formula that shot out that POS number.  I guess we have no bills or rent to pay.  I suppose we maintain sustinence in the form of magic water which provides for our every nutritional need so we certainly don’t need to be spending money on food for ourselves since water is free (which it really isn’t since we have that non-existant water bill to pay). 

So I gues this means that unless I pop out a child I wont be going back to school– there is no sense in trying to before then. Unless of course I commit some crime– then I’d get my education free and clear while serving out my sentence.


In other news, I think that Lycira  may have screwed up my cycles again.  I don’t usually use OPK’s but I am testing them out to see if they work for me.  I was planning on seeing if all three methods (the scope, temps and OPK’s) would correlate.  Well at around CD16 or so I got tired of doing the scope so I stopped.  I’d long since stopped with the temps cause I was just waiting for some indication on my scope that Ovulation was on its way (in other words, looking for partial ferning).  The OPK’s had been giving me dark lines since the first one on CD 5 so I stopped POAOPK every day and just worked it every other day (still getting dark lines).  Well yesterday I was like “why not” so I grabbed one and what happened?  The line popped up right away (as in before the pee even hit the control line)  but was only fractionally darker than those previously.  So screwed up.  OHH today is CD23 by the way

Man, everything seems to be sucking more than royally at this point.  Nothing I try my hand at is working for me.  Ohh did I mention that my herb garden that I was so proud of is now dead?  Yeah that too.  At this rate its a miracle that my dogs are alive- since they depend on me for everything as well.

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  1. June 30, 2008 1:04 pm

    I hate fafsa. I never qualified for anything. One year we were actually right on the cusp of POVERTY according to the state and national stats and still couldn’t get aid. They told me to have a baby. yeah.

  2. July 3, 2008 5:27 am

    I’ve helped a LOT of friends fill out FAFSAs and what not. A loooong time ago I noted that if you don’t have kids, you have to be right AT the poverty line in order to get aid. And you have to be there AFTER about 24. That is a pretty hard set of criteria to meet, as far as poorness. :/

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