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Where to Start?

June 7, 2008

So Its been a bit.

Sorry for the delay but I’ve started my Lycira trial and it does make one kind of loopy so please pardon if my thoughts are dis-jointed.

We have a new pup. His name is “Chubby” after my baby bro who graduated this past weekend. He’s a Chi/Pug mix (that I supposed would make him a Chug…LOL… that sounds funny- anyway). So he was doing really well with potty training, but he’s had a few accidents. I don’t think he likes the heat… cause he’ll only stay in the shadow- even if its only a tiny bit against the house. Then as soon as he gets inside where its cool….he goes.
So anyone know how to turn the heat down in the desert?

Anyway, heres a pic of the cutie

Chubby at 7 wks


I got my internal medicine appointment taken care of and turns out that I am apparently also anemic (in the chronic sense- isn’t that nice?).  And see started me on this Lycira trial (i think i mentioned that already but I am not gonna stop typing so if I did then just look at the last statement as a reminder.  Anyway, she says if this works for me that there are those who take it who can make it through the day *pain free*.  I’d still have to take it easy because it doesn’t stop the actual issues- I just won’t feel the results as immediate.  Just a warning to you all… i do have to keep some sort of log on how Im doing so while it may sound like complaining- its for a reason.



I am still waiting on Rheumatology to call for when my appointment will be, but my neurology will be on the 17th.  I figure that since I have to drive to Las Cruces that I’ll stop by Unravel, a yarn shop that I have heard many good things about.

For those of you who commented on my help post: I’ve decided to make my friend a layette set.  She said she would very much appreciate the gift…so Im working on that as well.


My brother (the one who thought his girlfriend was pregnant but she wasn’t) is now engaged.


The hubs is goin out again for a month so I’ll be jammin here in the house with me and the dogs.  FUN right?  Eh, we’ll see.


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