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Thought Vomit

May 4, 2008


All these hits and Im sure there are more to come, just by the nature of things.  My period is due to start at some point, but I am not entirely sure when since I don’t particularly know when I O’d this time around.  I ended up takin my temps for the majority of this cycle simply because I couldn’t pinpoint the date–which of course leads me to believe that it was an annov cycle- even though fertility friend pulls up three different dates on each of their monitoring methods.  I say no because none of my signs happened.

I know my period will start soon because all of a sudden all my symptoms started and today I started to spot.  So I am guessing tonight or tomorrow.   Have I mentioned here that this would be the end of cycle #42? 

I just feel like I am complaining more lately and I don’t particularly like it.  I was doing so well for a while but everything just piles up all at the same time and it gets so overwhelming.  Its kind of like treading water at the shoreline.  I could set my feet on firm ground whenever I please, whenever I tired, or whenever I just couldn’t hold on any longer.  Only I’ve been somehow swept away by a current without my knowledge, and I’ve gone to set my feet on the ground I thought was there, but end up drowning instead.


I kind of want to garden but my yard is a barren desert where nothing but weeds grow and the dogs roll around in the dust (and droolin all over each other making a nice muddy mess).  I keep seeing things on the television and in magazines about plants and things but with the watering restrictions (I have been reported by one of my lousy neighbors for watering the yard on off days–even though there were two vacant houses directly across the street at the time so they obviously were not using their ‘water’ days) my attempt at reseeding the backyard failed quite completely.  My herbs (sweet basil and oregano) on the kitchen window sill are growing nicely though, for that I am grateful.  At least I can grow something somewhere.


Anyone know where I can get some lavender honey?  Our commissary only carry’s clover and its not exactly my favorite.  The hubbs picked up a medium sized bottle without reading so I have a bottle of clover honey sitting in the pantry with no reason for me to use it.   Anyone want an unopened jar of clover honey?

Im going to bed…im tired

physically, mentally, emotionally just BLEH


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  1. geohde permalink
    May 4, 2008 11:22 pm

    Cycle42? No wonder you feel rough..



  2. May 5, 2008 1:32 pm

    Hey chica! Have you thought about researching the native plants in your area and trying to make a “garden” of that alone with rocks and such?

    I’m attempting that right now, but easier said than done. 😦 This place is so weird b/c half the year is scrub/almost desert like, the other half is tropical/wet. So hard to figure out. blah.

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