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So Much to Talk About

April 24, 2008

There is so much I want to write about but I couldn’t possibly remember it all— especially as I expand the thoughts I do remember.   Bear with me… I’ll be all over the place from exams to collections to television and politics to my husbands laundry to the company cookout that I am missing.

So first about my well-woman appointment.  I was irritated by my doctor  before hand in reference to the issues actually getting an appointment and the fact that it has been almost a year since he said he was gointo call me with an appointment after he got my records to start up my testing schedule for the lupus.  Its been almost a year.  In that time I am supposed to get four tests to make sure they catch (if it happens) the last few symptoms before a full on diagnosis of lupus is possible.  That’s three tests I’ve missed and I ran out of meds a long time ago.  Not to mention I would like a change the naproxen as the long-term effects are not something I want to deal with (I’ve already been on two pills a day for just about 2 years).  So i went in not happy (except for the fact that it wasn’t a new doctor and I’d actually at least seen this doc once before he went all up in the va-jay-jay).  Without me having to say anything he apologised and asked if my records were in.  With an air of confusion I told him that my records were sent months ago.  Well apparently they were supposed to contact the Doc to let him know that my records were in so he could review them but they never did.  This I  believe because every time I call the records department I can never get anyone to answer the telephone.  So I have to go back May 5th and get my nine vials of blood drawn for my testing and do a med adjustment.  Nine vials of blood— freakin vampires.  It won’t be any fun trying drive home either.  Normally Im really light headed after the draw and the Hubbs is with me or comes to the lab to drive me, but the 5this when they go back out for field problems… for a month.  Also, on the 5th will be CD3 so I’ll be losing all kinds of blood.  Fun times (uhhh no).


Since we mentioned the Hubbs just now let me state my aggravationwith the man.  Since OCTOBER (without making you have to count that would be six months ago) I have not done his laundry.  I have, in the past, asked him repeatedly to put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket.  Instead he sheds clothing all over the house.  Piles… in the living room, dining room, computer room, all over the floor in our bedroom, on the floor AROUND the hamper in the bathroom.  Im sure you get the idea.  I also asked him tospecifically not to pile his clothes in the front of the washing machine.. because there are bugs that decide its a great place to make a home and I don’t get along with bugs (those of you who know Texas bugs know of what I speak).  He did it anyway.  So since then I’ve just been doing my own laundry.  He thought that with the holidays coming up and my family coming that I would somehow be embarassed  by his clothes all over and I would wash them.   Nope.  Why would I be embarrassedwithhis stuff everywhere?  All my clothes are where they belong.  So went the holidays.  A couple of months ago (Feb) for his birthday I told him that if he would just sort his clothes then I would start working on them- and he didn’t.  Today, there is the company picnic.  He calls me and tell me to have an outfit ready.  Well the man has not a stitch of clean clothing that is fit for the hot weather we have here in the desert and he had the nerve to blame me for it!  Can you believe that?!  How many times to do I have to tell him that I am his wife, not his slave?  I told him that he’s had six months to have clean clothes and he’s made the choice not to do it… almost three months since I told him all he had to do was sort the piles of clothes that are next to his side of the bed (cause I got tired of MY space being filled with his stuff).  He came home and wouldn’t even talk to me.  So now I am home, not going to the picnic but not because of his foolishness.


Its been hot here in El Paso for a while now- hot and windy.  The dirt that has blown into my house is ridiculous because we don’t have air conditioning.  The company who handles this house told us then that they wouldn’t be coming out until today!  So I got a phone call this morning saying that he would be here this morning and here it is 11:15 in the morning and still no sign of the man.  So even if the Hubbs hadn’t irritated me to the point he has, I’d still be sittin here waiting.  They sent us a notice that if we missed this appointment we’d be put to the end of the line.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate swamp coolers?  Well I do.


This morning I was watching “the View” and let me just say that Joy Behar grates on my nerves.  She’s just like my FIL in that she blames the rain on the Bush Administration (meaning everything wrong is their fault– not taking into account the cycles of economy or the results of decisions made by previous administrations).  Like the other day she said that we pay so much in gas because of the B.A. which is ignorant in and of itself because its a problem in all modern countries who are oil dependant.  I thank God that we don’t have to pay for gas PER LITER as it is overseas!  Takininto consideration that yes the Euro is stronger than the dollar– I thank God MORE SO that we don’t live overseas at this point in time.  Anyway, today Joy asked Elizabeth (who actually states many of my own views) why she wasn’t for Obama and then wouldn’t let her get it out.  Elizabeth did mention the association with Rev. Wright (which is another thing that deeply disturbs me) they all tried to dismiss it.  They tried to tell her it didn’t matter what his association is but so many of the people I know (including my grandmother who is a life-long democrat) find issue with it.  It isn’t a matter of mere association.  It’s a matter of the fact that Sn. Obama placed himself under the the spiritual athority of the man for 20 years.  That indicates something more than mere association and lights a red light (for me) that over such a period of time that the views expressed by the rev. are agreed with.  I also took offense that Whoopie(whom I love by the way for the most part) and Sherri told Elizabeth that she was looking through “white goggles” because she made the statement that she hoped people were looking beyond race and gender when they put their vote for their candidate.   I don’t see how that is “white” person view.  I am Hispanic and hope the same thing.  I also hate that Joy makes the generalization that all Republicans are old white men trying to keep power and provide tax cuts for themselves.  Usually I am rather stimulated by the hot topics, but today just irritated me.


So since its been awhile I should mention that both my brother and step-father have spent time in the ER recently (meaning in the last month and a half).  My brother had a work accident that crushed his left leg.  My Big Daddy (about a week later) all of a sudden started bleeding from his ear so it was back to the ER.  I should say that my mom and step-dad are both they rely on their social security checks (which aren’t much).  When hes better my step-dad does work so that they have more of a “normal” income but as of right now his heart (hes had emergency heart surgery), back (hes had back surgery too), and diabetes are acting up.  He has what I like to call “genetic” diabetes rather than “lifestyle diabetes” (which is what my dad does have).  My step-dad has lost a brother and sister to diabetic complications in the past two years.  His legs get so swollen and retain so much fluid that its painful for him to walk.  What does this have to do with anything?  Well, with all this going on my parents have been a bit short on the cash and so naturally the car payment is a bit behind.  Let me just say that Chrysler financial have woken me up the last four days at 730 in the morning!  I finished out their payment for last month (because thats when all that stuff happened so they didn’t have the full payment) and told them everything that was going on.  They said that they would make a note of things the first day.  Apparently someone wasn’t doing their job though as evidenced by the last three mornings.  So yesterday I got really rude with the caller and this morning I just asked for the supervisor.  This is when I found out that no notes had been made in the file about my mother calling them (which she did because they had her new address and telephone numbers) and letting them know what was going on.  The supervisor tried to tell me that it was done over the computer and I let her know there was no way it could have been—they don’t own one!  I was so frustrated!  I let her know that 730 was too early to be calling anyone and she agreed with me but that it said I lived in Central.  I told her no I didn’t and I had informed the first caller that I was in Mountain and they should have made a note of it then since they told me that is what they were goin to do.  I also told her that we don’t make the payment on the car- my mother does, nor do we have possession of the car- she does too.  Apparently they didn’t make note of that fact last summer when I covered a payment for my parents and told them then too.  I understand that they need the money, but the payment is only 12 days behind.  By the 1st ( when my mom gets her disablilty check for the month) it won’t even be 30 days past due.  My mom called them previously to let them know the situation of whats happened and because of someone’s (more than one as a matter of fact) incompetence I am dealing with these issues.  And you know what- they want their money so bad but won’t do anything but harass. I asked if there was anyway to extend the term to lower the monthly payment and I get “we don’t do that”.  I asked if they could give them an extention because of the medical issues and they said “No because we gave an extention for Christmas”.  Like they planned on these medical issues coming up simultaneously.   Anyway, now things are squared away in that arena and I shouldn’t have to talk to them again for a while.


Last night my sister called me and told me that we were goin to be “Tia’s” (aunt’s— for those of you who might not know).  My heart fell into my stomach.  My stomach fell to the floor.  They say that my middle bro’s girlfriend of less than two months (this is the bro that had the work accident) is pregnant.  I was in such shock that I didn’t catch when he told me she was due in Febuary.  But as the shock wore off and I put all said organs back in their proper place I realized that someone is lying.  There is no way she can be pregnant now and due in Febuary.  Even if she missed one period that would mean a January due date.  To be due in Feb it would have to be May right now (which we all know it isn’t).

There is more..but I fear this is equal to a short story or maybe a thin novel so I am going to end it here.  So many frustrations.

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  1. sweetiegirlz permalink
    April 24, 2008 12:28 pm

    Well, I admire your fortitude anyway. I’d say something like keep your chin up or something cliche like that but I will be praying for you. I’m glad that you blog to get everything all out. I share your political views and also have to say, that the television audience as we know it is largely liberal. Hence, the Dems views on the ‘view’ Weird also that Chrysler financial calls you so early. They did that to me too. but 5 a.m. You can imagine how pleased I was!
    Take care anyway.

    P.S. You could always have a bonfire and throw hubby’s clothes in there. Then he wouldn’t have anything to throw around the house. LOL

  2. April 24, 2008 5:51 pm

    CRIPES lady! That’s a lot going on in your life! WAY TO GO with not being hubby’s slave. 🙂

    As for republicans, I think the RADICAL republicans are generally old white men. Regular, NORMAL, Republicans with the usual more American, more middle of the road, actual CONSERVATIVE viewpoints are everyone. 🙂 I hate when people lump radical republicans in with conservative (more traditional) republicans b/c they are very very different. And I am definitely much more democrat. I don’t really have much beef with traditional republicans (like McCain) b/c caution is a good virtue, and I respect their politics. Radicals however (like Karl Rove – whom Bush’s admin is a product of) see the need to get the job done no matter what it takes b/c they very much see it as a battle between good and evil, black and white… not really what I think this world is made of.

    Thanks for your comments. It made me read further since I had been slacking some. Here’s a nice, balanced article I found:

  3. geohde permalink
    April 27, 2008 6:03 am

    Geebers, you’ve got a lot going on. As for the grotty man/clothes situation, I hear you. Mine is just as unable to place his stuff in the machine.


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