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My Yesterday

April 4, 2008

Its been awhile and today may or may not bring a plethora of posts because I may or may not feel like doing so.

Where have I been?

Mainly– just playin WoW, spending time with the hubbs before he starts this particular rotation of field problems that will leave me spending more time on my own from now to about mid-summer.

Yay me … no not really.

Yesterday was an interesting day. It didn’t start out that way though.  It started out with cramps–worse than what I’ve had since Ovulating.  So I knew that the witch we all know and hate was on her way.  She didn’t send her companion ahead of her though-guess she was in a rush.   So anyway after another perfect cycle (yes madams and sirs–O CD13, 15 day leutal phase with a triphasic chart, midcycle spotting and a temp dip resulting in sore breasts from day 2 and lower abdominal cramping from day 1) and we’ll get into how I know all this a little bit later but right now lets stick to yesterday.   So because my  cramps were bad I just laid up on the couch listening to KLOVE(which I found on 31 March –the significance of which will be another post Im goin to have to make) and playing WoW.  A gal has to eat though and at around four I was pretty near to starving.  I also ran out of soy milk–which happens to be my new love!  Seriously.  I tried some and it was so good I finished the entire bottle in less than a week so I used the opportunity to buy the vanilla soy and try that out.  That will be this morning’s experiment.  Anyway.  The debate of where do I eat (cause I didn’t want to cook just for myself–that can be more than depressing on CD1) was decided by the soy milk.

“WHY?” you might be asking yourself. “How?” is probably the more relevant question.  Well I wanted the soy milk and Target is right across the street from Jack In the Box (yummy spicy chicken sandwiches and seasoned curly fries!)–where as Subway was in the opposite direction.

 Well, it was rush hour traffic and I knew the line would be long so I was happily sitting there just minding my own business when I get a text from the Hubbs.  He is on his way back to the post!  With the Sgt Major! He’s forgotten some things that they dont’ know hes forgotten but they had a workup for last night that it would soon be discovered that he had forgotten!  I needed to go to Wal-Mart and get these things and drive to the base that is 25 minutes away in rush hour traffic to meet him at the aid station while the Sgt Major completed what he needed to complete and they were headed back out. 

So I pay.  I curse the traffic as I will them to part like the Red Sea before Moses in his flee from the raging Egyptians–only my raging Egyptian was the fear that Hubbs would be punished for this and hes been through so much crap with these people already that it would almost be moral breakin for him to go through more crap.  So I run in and head straight for the sporting goods section. I haven’t stepped foot into a wal mart more than three times since we moved here so I was a bit unfamiliar.  I get there and I can’t find what he needs and I can’t find someone to help me find these things.  Finally someone in a blue shirt comes by and finds me what I need.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Hubbs texts me “where are you”

Im leaving the freakin store.  By the grace of all that is holy I happened to catch the tail end of a particularly bad patch of traffic so I didn’t have to wait to get out (cause we all know people are not the kindest during their jaunt home).  I knew of a back road that I hoped went all the way through to where I needed to get and I took it at 60.

Yes my friends that is 60 mph in a residential neighborhood.  I really was breaking the law.  However, in my defense the road isn’t really IN a neighborhood…its more of a boundary between neighborhoods so its like a six lane road that was straight as an arrow and just as flat–with no one but me and a DHL truck. 

I get a text “We are on post.  Got 20 mins”

Now (just as a side note) what could be so important that a man would drive an hour and a half from where they are to come to the post for 2o mins and deal with that to drive and hour and a half back?  Anyway, back to my story. So I get onto the state road that leads to the other back road that will take me to the closest gate to the aid station. 

Speed racer gooo speed racer (theres a movie coming out about that by the by).

Tick Tock–

get stuck behind a semi

Tick Tock—

behind one of those poor fools who drive at 30 when the rest of the world is at 50.

Tick Tock–Text

“where are you now”

Tick Tock-

At the gate.  Then at the station.  I pass the goods to the Hubbs–Kiss Kiss (yay) and he takes my dinner (not so yay). I drive away quickly.

Not even a minute later–not even back at the gate to get off post and I get a text– the man is back.  Literally the second I turned the corner.  WHEW.  Mission not so impossible!  With seconds to spare I was the life saver of my Hubbs…

but I was still hungry.  I still needed the dinner that was the one half of the reason why I left the house in my crampy state to begin with. So whats on the way home? 


Thats right.. I made a choice of something other than subway and I end up with subway anyway.  I stand in line while I wait for my turn to order.  I watch as a little boy and his older brother buy a bag of chips.  This little boy is there–holding his dollars, excited to be doing this by himself.  I watched him hand over the money- too much money- and then watched as his older brother (maybe seven) showed him how to count out the change back.  I watched how accomplished that little boy felt in his spending of three dollars and I wanted to weep for my own sadness–standing there in the Subway line.  In averting my eyes I noticed hips.  Yes, Hips ladies–the things that change when you have a child.  With mix of kids from the high school across the street getting out of their sports practices and their mothers.. I saw how my hips didn’t look like those mothers hips.  The only safe place to look was at my toes.  So that’s how I waited.

Then on the way back to the car I had parked right in front of a hair salon, I decided that my hair really did need a trim.  I had split ends off split ends that went all the way up the hair shaft.  My hair reached the middle of my back. So why not?  Shouldn’t take too long- a little something for me.  I sat in the chair– and I chopped it all off.  Literally– all of it is gone.

Where hair reached the middle of my back, now didn’t reach the top of my neck.  I love it though.  Think Posh Beckham–just know in your head that I’m a thousand times cuter. I was growing the hair for Locks Of Love and in a selfish second I chopped it all off. 


I can always try again right?

So that was my afternoon yesterday. I left for Soy milk and Jack In the Box and ended up driving all over town, breakin the law, saving my hubbs, eating subway and chopping off my hair.

And I still ended it with those demon cramps straight from the bowels of hell’s lowest levels.

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  1. April 4, 2008 4:05 pm

    I just had one of those lovely cycles too.. complete with the worst cramps I’ve had in ages too… except that I had a 17day lp. Nice mind fuck right?

    Of course you’re cuter. 🙂

  2. April 5, 2008 1:38 pm

    holy guacamole … i just got really exhausted from reading your post! Wish I could tell your cramps to go back to hell where they came from!

  3. April 6, 2008 8:13 am

    wow – you’re the woman! i’m sorry about the cramps though – and the perfect cycle that faked you out. just cruel.

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