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My Heart Breaks

March 6, 2008

Our online community is a great one. 

We know so much about eachother–and not superficial things–but deep things about eachother that some of our own family don’t even know.

And the pain of loss today–has hit me in the heart.

My Friend, Nat, has suffered tremendously.

She has lost her baby boy— at 35w5d

I have shared her journey first on the Fertilityfriend boards, to Loungeplace to her own blog.  My heart broke when her first cycle failed and I was pissed with her from the issues with the last IVF.  I shared in her joy when the one embryo made it and she was pregnant.  I read along as she suffered through the awful morning sickness, shared in her joy at finding out it was a boy, read along as she discovered the joys and pains of pregnancy.

And now…

There are no words for me to leave her that will comfort.  Nothing I can do but cry with her because even though it is not my pregnancy—I am really feeling this loss.  I guess I was experiencing her pregnancy with her every step of the way (what she shared anyway).

My love goes out to her and her husband

I can’t understand why.  Why this happens in general, why this happened to her.

Im a little bit angry right now to be very honest, but mostly just really sad.


He will be remembered, missed and loved by many.

Please go and lend your support, thoughts and prayers.

Surely they will be needed

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  1. March 7, 2008 8:58 am

    This is so sad. I wish there was something, anything I could do to ease their pain. But there isn’t. Their grief must be so tremendous. Hugs to you for your kindness and friendship.

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